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План-конспект урока "Shopping is Great"

План-конспект урока "Shopping is Great"

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Дата: 21.10.2019

Класс: 7

Тип урока: урок закрепления лексических навыков

Цель урока: развитие навыков восприятия и понимания иноязычной речи на слух


  1. Образовательные: способствовать развитию навыков диалогической речи, совершенствование лексических навыков; создать условия для формирования у учащихся языковых знаний и речевых умений по теме «Shopping»

  2. Воспитательные: содействовать расширению кругозора; содействовать развитию познавательного интереса через содержание учебного материала

  3. Развивающие: способствовать развитию внимания, мышления, памяти и воображения у учащихся

Ход урока

Организационно-мотивационный этап

Введение в атмосферу иноязычного общения и определение целей

Good morning. Glad to see you. By the way, look out of the window, the weather is great. How can you describe it? And look at this pictures and answer my questions: What is the topic of our lesson? What are we going to discuss today?

Application 1

You are right! Today we’re going to talk about shopping

2 min

Фонетическая зарядка

I’d like to start our lesson with the following task. Match the transcription and the shop.

Application 2

2 min

Речевая зарядка

Discuss these questions in pairs using conversation cards:


4 min

Операционно-деятельностный этап

Совершенствование лексических навыков

And the next task is to choose the card and describe the shop you have chosen. Start your sentences with the words “I can buy…there”. The rest of the group will try to guess what shop you are talking about.

Application 3

2 min

Проверка домашнего задания

Let’s check your homework Ex.1,2a p.30 WB. You were to put the verbs in the lines from popular songs into the Present Perfect Continuous and use the words to write how many/how long questions.

4 min

Развитие навыков изучающего чтения

  1. Предтекстовый этап.

I’d like you to watch a video about “Shopping in London”


  1. Текстовый этап.

Let’s read the text about shopping in London. Let’s work in groups. The text is divided into groups. The groups read their part of the text, then they exchange the information.

Application 4

  1. Послетекстовый эрап. Контроль понимания прочитанного.

Answer the questions about the text “Shopping in London”:

  1. Is shopping in London boring?

  2. Which street is the most popular and biggest shopping centre in London?

  3. When are all the departments usually open?

  4. What kind of shops are there many in Oxford Street?

  5. Why do some people prefer large department stores?

  6. Which department store is one of the largest in Oxford Street?

  7. How many departments are there in Selfridge’s?

  8. What shops belong to self-service shops?

3 min

7 min



2 min

Контрольно-оценочный этап

Развитие навыков восприятия и понимания иноязычной речи на слух. Развитие навыков диалогической речи.

  1. Предтекстовый этап. Снятие языковых трудностей и развитие лексических навыков:

Do this exercise before you listen. Write the correct word in the boxes below the picture.



  1. Текстовый этап. Прослушивание текста.

Listen to the conversation between a customer and a shop assistant and do the exercises to practise and improve your listening skills.

  1. Контроль понимания прослушанного текста:

Task 1,2

It’s time to do the shopping yourselves. Make up your own dialogs using communication circle.


1 min

5 min

3 min

6 min


Let`s summarize the lesson with one sentence or one word you have remembered and say the next learner’s name who must continue.

Ok! Did you like the lesson? What did you like best of all? If you like the lesson, raise a happy smile. If you don't like it, show a sad one.

2 min

Заключительный этап

Our lesson is almost over.

Open your record-books and write down your hometask. On the Internet find the idioms with the word ‘shop’ and make up a story or dialog with these idioms.

You’ve worked well and your marks are …...

Have a good day. Good bye!

2 min

Application 1

Application 2

bʊk ʃɒp


pet ʃɔp

swiːt ʃɒp


dɪˈpɑːtmənt stɔː

Application 3

Sweet shop



Pet shop

Book shop


Toy shop




Application 4

Shopping in London

  1. Shopping in London is very easy and interesting. Oxford Street is the most popular and biggest shopping centre in the capital of Great Britain. Various department stores and shops attract many natives and people from other countries.

All the department stores and shops are usually open till 6 p.m. except on Sunday. On Thursday they close at 8 p.m. There are many book shops, shoe shops, clothes shops and other kinds of shops in Oxford Street. Some people prefer large department stores because they offer many different goods at a single location.

  1. Selfridge’s is one of the largest and most popular department stores in Oxford Street. There are over 230 various departments in this department store. This department store is not very cheap. For example, Marks and Spenser’s offers a cheaper shopping.

Supermarkets are very popular in England. They offer not only ready-made clothes, shoes, toys, food, but also other goods. They belong to the so called self-service shops.

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