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Контрольная работа 9 класс английский язык

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Контрольная работа 9 класс

I. Read the text and fill in the blanks (1-7) with the parts of the sentences (a-h). There is one part you don’t have to use.

A lot of people nowadays are trying to change their lifestyles. They say they would rather have a healthy way of life, which means no bad habits, a lot of fruit and vegetables in your fridge, (1) … . You can’t agree more. Bad habits influence our lives. Smoking, drinking alcohol, taking drugs are the worst ones. It’s common knowledge that they can shorten our lives dramatically. Smoking is very dangerous. It leads to (2) … , makes your teeth yellow and you looks unhealthy. Drugs tend to lead users to early death.

Fortunately, smoking, drinking and taking drugs have lately received a lot of bad publicity. One can say that fewer people smoke these days. Some companies do not take on people (3) … . Smoking is not allowed in most public places because, as everyone agrees, it does a lot of harm to our health.

The majority of people these days spend most of the time sitting. They sit in cars on their way to work, they sit in front of the computers (4) … , they sit again at home (5) … . People choose passive entertainments (movies or video games, for instance) rather than active ones (ice-skating, skiing, playing volleyball). And most things we do at home that once used to depend on physical labour have become largely automated. Nowadays we just press buttons or (6) … . All this is very harmful to our hearts. People should spend more time in fitness centers, gyms, swimming pools or just walking in woods or parks. And no more excuses! It’s time to understand that (7) … .

  1. ask others to do work for us

  2. who are smokers

  3. don’t spend enough time in the open air

  4. in their classrooms and offices

  5. health is better than wealth

  6. enough sleep and at least some physical exercise

  7. a number of heart and lung diseases

  8. watching TV

II. Use the derivatives of the words on the right to complete the text.

In our families we sometimes ask for advice and want to be listened to. So (1) … is often the key to a (2) … connection between parents and their sons and daughters, brothers and sisters. (3) … s advice to listen to each other (4) … and to remember that points of view can be (5) … .



science, careful


III. Choose the correct item.

1) The telephone is ringing. – I … it. a) will answer b) am answering c) answer

2) If it … , we’ll stay at home. a) will rain b) rains c) is raining

3) Ice … in a warm climate. a) is melting b) melt c) melts

4) What … Bobby … ? – He … a shower. a) is … doing, has b) does … do, has c) are … doing, have

5) At 7 o’clock yesterday evening Ralph … to the city center. a) drove b) will drive c) was driving

6) When Jane … home, her little brother … . a) come, is playing b) came, was playing c) was coming, played

7) Elderly people are often … . a) absent-minded b) low-paid c) fast-developing

8) The … cake was very tasty. a) easy-going b) old-fashioned c) home-made

9) She … any help yesterday. a) wasn’t given b) weren’t given c) isn’t given

10) I’m proud that all my children … equally in the family. a) is treated b) am treated c) are treated

11) … “Times” is a famous British newspaper. a) – b) The c) A

12) … Buckingham Palace is in … London. a) – … – b) The … the c) – … the

13) The name of our country is … Russian Federation. a) – b) the c) a

14) We don’t want our woods and forests to be cut … . a) out b) off c) down

15) We decided to sign … another gardener. a) in b) up c) on

16) You … think more of your parents. a) must b) have to c) can

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