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Дидактический материал 7кл. Обучение поисковому чтению

Тест нацелен на то, чтобы учащиеся учились находить нужную информацию в тексте

Содержимое разработки

Текст для чтения “Your Family and Home”

When you began learning English, one of the first English words you learned was “family”. Do you remember how you and your classmates described your families? You spoke about your parents, your brothers and sisters. You also spoke about your uncles, aunts, grandfathers and grandmothers. It is interesting to discuss what all the members of a family do, how they work or learn, how they help each other and how they rest.

Family life is very important. If all members of a family are friendly to each other, their family is very happy. And it is wrong to think that young children are less important than other members. Everybody must try to be active in what his or her family does.

What can you do for your family? There are a lot of things. But you cannot wait for your parents to tell you what to do. It is important for you yourselves to see who needs your help. You can take care of your parents and grandparents, of younger brothers and sisters. You can clean the room, buy food, wash the dishes, clean your clothes and everybody’s shoes. You can also take part in making dinner, supper of laying the table.

Try not to forget about children’s duty to their parents!

К этому тексту можно добавить две тематические юморески:

1) Jim: Why were you late for school?

Tom: There are eight people in our family, and the alarm-clock was set for seven.

2) Little Sister: I’m as tall as you are.

Big Sister: No, you’re not. Stand up and see. There, you only come to my mouth.

Little Sister: Well, I don’t care. I’m as tall the other way. My feet go down as far as yours.

Вопросы и речевые задания по теме

1. How many people are there in your family? Are there three or four of you in your family? (You answer: “There are … people in my family” or “There are… of us.”)

2. Who is the youngest in your family?

3. Have you anyone in your family who stays at home most of the day and takes care of the house?

4. At what time are all members of the family at home?

5. Tell your partner what you like about your flat (house). And what don’t you like?

6. Discuss what a boy or girl of twelve can do about the house.

7. Let your partner describe the house he lives in.

8. Ask your partner how often he goes to the kitchen during the day and why. Who else goes to the kitchen?

9. Your mother said, “Have something to eat, dear. You haven’t eaten all the day.” Say where you have been and why you haven’t eaten all day.

10. What does a shop-girl do when you say, “These shoes are much too small for me”? What does your mother say?

11. You come home and your mother says, “There is a boy in your room who is waiting to see you.” What questions will you ask your mother?

12. One of your parents says to your brother, “There is something we want to talk about.” What do you think they want to talk about?

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