Talking about buildings

Урок 8. Английский язык 4 класс ФГОС

В этом уроке главные герои познакомятся с филином по имени Бруно. Он заблудился и не может найти свой дом. Ребята попытались помочь Бруно вернуться домой, но оказалось, что филин не знает названия зданий, которые встречались ему на пути. Поэтому в ходе данного урока учащиеся смогут выучить названия различных зданий вместе с Бруно, а также узнать, чем закончилась история.

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Конспект урока "Talking about buildings"

Hello, boys and girls! My name is Bobby.

And my name is Tobby. This is our friend Mobby.

Welcome to our lesson.

Today we have a guest.

It’s an owl.

Hello, my name is Bruno.

We found Bruno near our garden two hours ago.

He was all alone.

Yes, I’ve lost my way.

How did that happen?

Well… My mum asked me to buy some fish and water.


And I went to the store, but I lost my way.

Don’t worry. We will walk you home.

Oh, really?

Yes, but you need to tell us what buildings you saw on your way here.

Oh, it’s easy. I saw that big building.

What building? What’s the name of it?

Oh, I don’t know the names of the buildings.

What should we do then? We can’t walk you home if you don’t tell us what buildings you saw on your way.

Oh, no! Mummy…

Bruno, please, stop crying!

I can’t! It means that I will never see my mummy again!

No, it doesn’t! Don’t worry. We will help you.

How will you do that?

We will talk about different buildings and learn their names.

When you know the names, it will be easy for you to tell us what buildings you saw.

And you will walk me home! Right?

Yes, of course!

Great! Let’s do this.

So today in the lesson we will:

talk about buildings;


learn new words.

There are many different buildings in the world.

And it’s really important to know their names.

Even in our situation the owl cannot return home without this knowledge.

Let’s help him find his way home!

And the first word we need to learn is station.

Station can be translated as “вокзал, станция”.

It’s a place where trains or buses stop so that passengers can get on and off.

The station where trains stop is called a railway station.

The station where buses stop is called a bus station.

Now let’s look at the example:

Kyle, Kate and Julie met each other at the railway station last Friday.

The following word we need to learn is garage.

Garage can be translated as “гараж”.

It’s a place where people keep their cars. Garages are also used to repair cars if they are broken. People usually build them near their houses.

Look at the example:

Paul, you need to put your car in the garage, because it’s starting to rain.

Now we will talk about such word as cafe.

Cafe is translated as “кафе”.

It’s a place where people go to eat when they don’t want to cook or don’t have time to cook.

However, in contrast to restaurants, the meals in cafes are usually simple and cheap.

I’m sorry to interrupt you, but I don’t know the translation of the words “simple and cheap”.

Oh, it’s easy. “Simple and cheap” are translated as “простая и дешёвая”.

Oh, okay. Thank you. Continue, please.

Sure. Now when you know the meaning of the word “cafe”, let’s look at the example.

Wendy, I just love eating hamburgers at this cafe, because they are so yummy.

The following word is theatre.

Theatre is translated as “театр”.

It’s a place where people go to watch different performances. Performances – спектакли, представления. Theatre is a structure with rows of seats. Each row is usually higher than the one in front.

Now let’s look at the following example:

Sam and Zoe were at the theatre last night.

The following building we will talk about is baker’s.

Baker’s is translated as “пекарня”.

It’s a place where bread, pies, biscuits, rolls and cakes are made and sold. It always smells good there!

Let’s look at the example:

They have fresh bread every morning at the baker’s.

Now we will talk about hospital.

Hospital is translated as “больница”.

It’s a place where people go when they are ill, sick or injured. Such people are treated and taken care of by doctors and nurses there.

Now let’s look at the following example:

Mr. Wilson spent a week in the hospital last year.

The following building is greengrocer’s.

Greengrocer’s can be translated as “магазин овощей и фруктов”.

It’s a place where vegetables and fruit are sold. They are always fresh there.

Look at the example:

I got these delicious tomatoes from the local greengrocer’s.

And the last building we will talk about today is post office.

Post office is translated as “почта”.

It’s a place where you can buy envelopes, stamps and post cards. You can write a letter right there and send it. Post office is also a place where magazines and newspapers are sold.

Let’s look at the example:

The post office is next to the bank.

Now listen and repeat after me.








Post office

We’ve told you about different buildings.

Now let’s get back to your problem.

Tell us about the buildings which you saw on your way here.

Well… I remember that smell… It was the smell of fresh bread. It means that I saw the baker’s.

That’s right! Continue, please.

I also remember lots of buses. I think it was the bus station.

Great, Bruno! What else do you remember?

And I remember the man. He was selling tomatoes, potatoes, bananas and so on. I think it was the greengrocer’s.

All right. Now let’s try to find your way home.

Look! It’s the baker’s you told us about.

Yeah, right.

And now we are at the bus station.

Let’s continue walking.

Guys, look. There is the greengrocer’s!

Bruno, do you see your house?

Yes, it’s right there!

Great! We are so glad to hear that!

Thank you so much, boys! I will never forget that!

You’re welcome, Bruno. And bye.

Bye, my friends!

That’s all for today, boys and girls.

See you soon.


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