Phrasal verb RUN. Confusing words

Урок 39. Английский язык 9 класс ФГОС

Очередной фразовый глагол, который мы рассматриваем в данном уроке, – RUN. Основные значения глагола «бежать», «работать», «управлять». Благодаря предлогам этот глагол приобретает все новые значения, которые мы детально рассмотрели и наглядно продемонстрировали на примерах. Во второй части урока Гарри объясняет разницу значений пар слов/словосочетаний: be set / be situated, play / star, take a picture/photo(graph) – make a picture, presentation / performance, exhibit / exhibition.

Конспект урока "Phrasal verb RUN. Confusing words"

Hello, guys!

In today’s lesson we’re going to look at phrasal verb RUN and some confusing words.

Let’s start with the phrasal verb RUN.

Phrasal verbs are very common in spoken and written English. So we need them to understand and speak natural English.

Phrasal verb is a verb followed by a preposition or an adverb; the combination creates a meaning different from the original verb.

The verbs with “run” are quite popular in English language.

In its primary meaning the phrasal verb “run” is translated as «бежать, работать, управлять».

But if it is used with the prepositions, it has a completely different meaning and some of them have more than one. So let’s consider some of them.

Run across means to meet someone you know when you are not expecting to.

I ran across Jim in town the other day.

I ran across some old photos while I was cleaning my house.

Run after means to chase or pursue

I ran after the bus, but it didn’t stop for me.

I can’t keep running after you all day! — Я не могу прислуживать тебе целый день!

Run around

1. to run around an area

When I was a kid, I used to run around the neighborhood with my friends.

The kids are running around the neighborhood.

2. to be very busy doing a lot of different things

I'm exhausted, I've been running around all morning.

Run away

1. to run away from somebody who is chasing you, or in the opposite direction from something.

The dog is running away from the boy.

2. When a child or teenager leaves home because of problems with the family.

She ran away from home when she was just 15.

Run for means to compete in an election.

He's running for mayor again this year.

Run into

1. to hit something while you are driving a vehicle

Nick ran into a tree when he was parking.

2. If an amount runs into thousands, millions, etc, it reaches that level.

His income runs into six figures.

3. If you run into difficulties, you begin to experience them.

I ran into trouble when I tried to install the computer program, so I had to call a technician.

Run off means to make photocopies.

Can you run off 100 copies of this document?

Run off with means to leave somewhere unexpectedly.

He ran off with all my money.

Run on means to be powered by.

Electric cars run on electricity, not gas.

Run out of – to use all of something so that there is none left.

I've nearly run out of money.

Come on, time is running out.

Run over

1. to hit with a vehicle (car, train, truck)

She’s upset because she ran over a cat while driving home from work.

2. take more time than planned

The meeting ran over 20 minutes, so I was late for my next appointment

Run through

1. to explain quickly

Let me run through the schedule for the tour.

2. to quickly practice or rehearse a play, performance, song, or presentation.

I’d like to run through the presentation one more time to make sure everything’s perfect.

Run up

1. Make something quickly.

My mother can run up a skirt in no time.

2. Spend a lot of money on credit

My parents ran up a debt of $10,000 on their credit cards.

Run with

1. keep company, hang out with

My son’s been running with a bad crowd – his friends like to cut class.

The English language has a few words that appear so similar that it's hard to tell the difference.

In this part of our lesson, we will cover some of them.

Be set / Be situated

be set

If a story, film, etc. is set in a particular time or place, the action in it happens in that time or place:

"West Side Story" is set in New York City in the late 1950s.

be situated – to be in a particular place

The school is situated near the park.

Play / Star


to perform a particular character in a theatrical performance or a film.

In the movie version, he played the hero.

Early in her career she played Ophelia.


to be a main actor in a film, play, or other show.

Johnny Depp starred in more than thirty films.

Will Smith has starred in “I Am Legend”.

Take a picture/photo(graph) – Make a picture

Take a picture or photo means to pointing a camera at an object and press the shutter button.

I took a photo of the recent solar eclipse.

He takes photos for a living.

Make a picture means to draw or perhaps print a picture, not that you just take a photo with your camera.


I took a picture of my brother. = I photographed him.

I made a picture of my brother. = I drew a picture of him.

Presentation / Performance

Presentation – a speech or talk in which a new product, idea, or piece of work is shown and explained to an audience.

Presentation is important if you want people to buy your products.

Performance – an act of presenting a play, concert, or other form of entertainment.

A new performance scored a great success.

Exhibit / Exhibition

Exhibit is an object or collection of objects on public display in an art gallery or museum or at a trade fair.

Let's go see the new dinosaur exhibit.

The museum has a fascinating collection of exhibits.

Exhibition is an event at which objects such as paintings are shown to the public

a situation in which someone shows a particular skill or quality to the public.

The photographs will be on exhibition until the end of the month.

There's a new exhibition of sculpture on at the city gallery.

That`s all for today.

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