One big happy family

Урок 2. Английский язык 4 класс ФГОС

Данный урок познакомит учащихся с девочкой по имени Мэдисон и членами её семьи. Также ребята изучат новые слова, которые они смогут использовать для описания членов своей семьи. Для того чтобы учащиеся легко и быстро их запомнили, все слова сопровождаются яркими примерами. Также главные герои Бобби, Мобби и Тобби предложат ребятам выполнить три упражнения. Это поможет им закрепить знания по данной теме.

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Конспект урока "One big happy family"

Hello, boys and girls! My name is Bobby.

And my name is Tobby. This is our friend Mobby.

Welcome to our lesson.

Today we would like to start our lesson with some pictures.

Look at them, please.

This will help you to guess the topic of our lesson today.

Now I think you understand that today in the lesson we will:

talk about family members;

learn new words which we can use to describe them;


put the knowledge into practice.

First of all, we will talk about family members.

Let’s revise all the words which are related to this word combination.

Look at the screen, please.

This is Madison.

She has a mother and a father.

Mother – мама.

Father – папа.

We call both of them parents.

Parents – Родители.

Mother is a female parent.

Father is a male parent.

But you should know that people mostly use short variants “mum and dad” instead of “mother and father”.

Let’s continue.

Madison is not the only child in her family.

She has a brother and a sister.

Brother – брат.

Sister – сестра.

Madison’s mother and father have their own parents.

It means that Madison has two grandmothers and two grandfathers.

Grandmother – бабушка.

Grandfather – дедушка.

We call both of them grandparents.

There is no Russian translation of this word.

You also need to know that people mostly use short variants “granny, grammy or grandma” instead of “grandmother” and “grandpa, grandad or grampa” instead of “grandfather”.

Madison’s mother also has a sister.

It means that Madison has an aunt.

Aunt – тётя.

Madison’s father has a brother.

It means that Madison also has an uncle.

Uncle – дядя.

Madison married Steve. Now he is her husband.

Husband – муж.

And Madison is called a wife now.

Wife – жена.

Madison and Steve have a daughter and a son.

Daughter – дочь.

Son – сын.

We call them children.

Children – дети.

Guys, we have revised all the words related to the word combination “family members”.

Now we will learn a few words and phrases which will help you to describe your family members.

The first word is “tall”.

The translation is “высокий”.

For example:

These trees are very tall.


Mike, look at this tall grass!

The following word is “short”.

The translation is “короткий, низкий”.

For instance:

George is a very short boy.


Mrs. Green, the film was so short!

The third word is “slim”.

The translation is “худой, стройный”.

Look at the examples:

These boys have slim figures.


Kate, look at her legs! They are very slim.

Now let’s talk about the following word combination “fair hair”.

The translation is “светлые волосы”.

For instance:

The boy has blue eyes and fair hair.


Peter, have you seen a little girl with fair hair?

The fifth word combination is “dark hair”.

The translation is “тёмные волосы”.

For example:

Regan has very dark hair.


Liam has green eyes and dark hair.

The following word is “funny”.

The translation is “весёлый, смешной, забавный”.

Let’s look at the examples:

Mr. Fancy, you are such a funny mouse.


Hunter, look! This panda is so funny.

The seventh word is “kind”.

The translation is “добрый”.

For instance:

Thank you for help, Mrs. Cat! You are so kind.


Daddy, this dog is so kind.

The following word is “friendly”.

The translation is “дружелюбный”.

For example:

This dog has a very friendly smile.


People here are so friendly.

The ninth word is “sporty”.

The translation is “спортивный”.

Look at the examples:

Melissa, look at this sporty boy!


Dan likes wearing sporty clothes.

Now let’s talk about the phrase which you’ll need to ask about someone’s appearance.

Appearance – внешность.

And the phrase is “What does he or she look like?”.

The translation is “Как он или она выглядит?”.

Let’s look at the example:

Hi, Nick. Have you seen my sister?

I don’t know. Maybe. What does she look like?

She is tall and slim. And she has dark hair.

Oh, no… I haven’t seen anybody with such appearance.

There is also one phrase which you’ll need if you want to ask about someone’s character. And the phrase is “What is he or she like?”.

The translation is “Какой у него или неё характер?”.

Look at the example:

Jaco, tell me, please, about your dad?

What do you want to know, Kaffa?

Well… What is he like?

Erm… My dad is kind, funny and very friendly.

Now let’s pronounce all of these words and phrases.

Listen and repeat after me.




Fair hair

Dark hair





What does he or she look like?

What is he or she like?

We’ve just learnt a few words and phrases which you can use to describe your family members.

Now we would like to check your knowledge.

The first task is to find and circle the words in the word search puzzle.

Now check yourselves.

The first word from the word search puzzle is father.

The second word is uncle.

The following word is brother.

The fourth word is wife.

The fifth – sister.

The following word is mother.

The seventh word is grandfather.

The following word is grandmother.

The ninth word is aunt.

The tenth – daughter.

The eleventh – husband.

And the last word is son.

Now when you found the words from the word search puzzle, let’s do the second task.

Look at the pictures and fill in the blanks with the family members to complete the sentences correctly. Use the words from the box.

And the sentences are:

1.     Judy is Paul’s __________.

2.     Paul is Beth’s __________.

3.     Curt is Kate’s __________.

4.     Ann is Jack’s __________.

5.     Joe is Paul’s __________.

6.     Sue is Judy’s __________.

7.     Pam is Beth’s __________.

8.     Mike is Paul’s __________.

9.     Jack is Judy’s __________.

10.  Kate is Beth’s __________.

11.  Paul is Pam’s __________.

12.  Judy is Mike’s __________.

Check yourselves.

1.     sister

2.     brother

3.     husband

4.     wife

5.     grandfather

6.     grandmother

7.     mother

8.     father

9.     uncle

10.  aunt

11.  son

12.  daughter

And your last task for today is to look at the pictures and name them. Use the new words from the lesson.

Let’s check.

1.     Tall

2.     Fair hair

3.     Short

4.     Sporty

5.     Slim

6.     Dark hair

7.     Friendly

8.     Funny

9.     Kind

That’s all for today, our dear friends.

We hope that the lesson was interesting and useful for you!

See you soon, boys and girls.


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