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Устные темы для 5 класса

Набор устных тем (топики) для 5 класса.

Содержимое разработки


I have a lot of friends. They are my classmates. We go to school together in the

morning. And we return home together after classes. We like to play. We play

different games. ___ is my best friend. He (she) is very kind and merry. We spend

much time together.


Many people like to have animals at home. We call them pets. People can have

cats, dogs, parrots or hamsters as pets. We must care about them and love. I have

a cat and a dog. They are funny. I like to play with them. I love them very much.

My flat.

We live in a flat. Our flat is not very big. It is very clean and comfortable. There are

2 rooms in our flat. There is a kitchen and a bathroom . In the living room there is

a TV, a sofa and a coffee table. In my room there is a bed, a desk, a wardrobe.

I like my room and my flat.

School subjects.

I study a lot of school subjects at school. I study Maths , Reading, Russian, English,

Music, PE. We read and learn poems at Reading lessons. We play sports at PE.

We write and speak at our Russian and English lessons. We count and do sums at

Maths lessons. My favourite subjects are _______.

Sport and Games.

Sport is important for us. There are a lot of interesting sports and games. I know:

basketball, volleyball, football, tennis, swimming, skiing and skating. I like ____

and ____very much. I swim in the river in summer and ski in winter. I usually

play___ with my friends. I am good at ___.

About myself

My name is….... I live in Russia in ….... I'm ….. years old. I study

at school number…... in the 5th grade. I like to walk in the street. My favourite

subject is ….... My favourite holiday is New Year (Victory Day| Women’s Day |

Army Day). I am good at…..(drawing \ dancing \ English \ Maths...)

I have got a family. My family consists of my father, mother and sister. My

sister's name is …. and she is 5 years old. My dad's name is …., he

works as a driver. My mother's name is …... She works as a teacher. I have a

good friend. His \ Her name is….... He | She is 12 years old. We like to

…..(play football | computer games | walk) together.

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