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Подготовка к ЕГЭ "Словообразование" (раздел лексика - грамматика)

Упражнения для подготовки к ЕГЭ "Словообразование" (раздел лексика - грамматика)

Содержимое разработки

A: 1. On account of his __________ (ABSENT), we can´t hold the meeting 2. Your behaviour was completely __________ (APPROPRIATE) 3. I find her extremely __________ (ATTRACT) to tell the truth 4. I have the __________ (ABLE) to get really good at this language 5. That can't be right, I believe your calculations to be __________ (ACCURATE) 6. I could do with some __________ (ASSIST) on the issue 7. When you have a job interview, your __________ (APPEAR) is really important 8. The technology at our disposal is really __________ (ADVANCE) nowadays 9. It is healthy as it has no __________ (ADD) sugar 10.I am extremely __________ (ADDICT) to my mobile phone 11.I had a horrible __________ (Argue) with my brother about Brexit 12.__________ (ACT), I can see where you are coming from 13.The house is expensive, but __________ (AFFORD) 14.Could you give me a piece of __________ (ADVISE), please? 15.We have a special __________ (ARRANGE) B: 1. At the __________ (BEGIN) I thought we would never make it on time 2. I am not a __________ (BELIEVE) in any spiritual matter 3. I am going to die of __________ (BORE) if we don´t go out soon 4. I am known for my __________ (BRAVE) in battle 5. He is a well-__________ (BEHAVE) child 6. There was a __________(BLOCK) in the supply line 7. I want to move __________ (BROAD) soonish 8. There are loads of __________ (BEG) in my city 9. You can put your __________ (BELONG) wherever you like 10.I have made a __________ (BOOK) at our favourite restaurant Copyright©intercambioidiomasonline.com www.intercambioidiomasonline.com C: 1. It comes from a ___________ (CREDIT) source 2. This city is full of bright and __________ (CREATE) students 3. Royalty do not mix with the __________ (COMMON) 4. I have a very good __________ (COME) and I save most of it 5. Can I borrow your phone __________ (CHARGE), please? 6. The ___________ (COVER) will take him weeks 7. I am __________ (CERTAIN) of its significance 8. I would say that the number of __________ (CYCLE) is increasing 9. It is a __________ (CHOOSE) between two options 10.I have an enormous stamp __________ (COLLECT) 11.If you do not have a lot of __________ (CONFIDE), you should fake it 12.This is just a __________ (CONTINUE) of what I was saying earlier 13.There are a __________ (COMBINE) of factors that need to be considered 14.Have you seen the __________ (CONTAIN) that I keep my screws in 15.I need to make a few more ___________ (CORRECT) before handing it in 16.As far as I __________ (CALL) it is a wonderful place to go with kids 17.I would like to make a __________ (COMPLAIN) D: 1. I need to read the full __________ (DESCRIBE) before I form an opinion 2. There are many ___________ (DIFFER) things to consider 3. I am into reading about __________ (DANGER) animals 4. We are now part of an __________ (DEPEND) republic 5. I never buy __________ (DESIGN) clothes unless they are on sale 6. We ought to make a __________ (DECIDE) pretty soon 7. Do not underestimate the power of __________ (DENY) 8. Have there been any __________ (DEVELOP) with our project? 9. What is the __________ (DISTANT) from here to Bilbao? 10.The __________ (DESTROY) of our rainforests is particularly concerning 11.The __________ (DETAIN) of the terrorists was the number one priority 12.It may come as a __________ (DISAPPOINT) to find that you have failed the exam 13.The _________ (DELIVER) can vary by up to 20 days 14.Could you help me to _________ (DO) my zip? 15.I would lock all of the drug __________ (DEAL) up if I could. Copyright©intercambioidiomasonline.com www.intercambioidiomasonline.com E: 1. I seem to learn languages with __________ (EASY) 2. He was __________ (EXTREME) lucky to get away with that 3. It was an __________ (EMOTION) day for everyone 4. I think the __________ (EXCITE) had got the better of me 5. It was an __________ (EXCEPT) achievement 6. He has a lot of __________ (EXPECT) from his parents after attending a private school 7. It seems to be an __________ (EFFECT) form to evaluate the students 8. I found the whole experience quite __________ (ENJOY) 9. Do we have any sound recording __________ (EQUIP)? 10.__________ (ELECTRIC) prices continue to rise 11.There is a lot of __________ (EMPLOY) in Spain 12.The CEO is great at __________ (EVADE) difficult questions 13.The __________ (ERODE) of our coastline is particularly concerning 14.Carbon __________ (EMIT) are causing global warming 15.There was a huge __________ (EXPLODE) in the North Sea on one of the oil rigs. 16.__________ (ENDURE) sports are getting very popular 17.I have no formal _________ (EDUCATE), but I make up for it with work experience 18.I could tell by the __________ (EXPRESS) on his face that it was a mistake 19.My job is a never __________ (END)battle between the clients and our management team 20.My annual _________ (EARN) were just over $30,000 F: 1. I was __________ (FORTUNATE) not to win the competition 2. Is it much _________ (FAR) to the top of the mountain? 3. I am __________ (FASCINATE) by everything related to languages 4. I am __________ (FEED) up of listening to complaints 5. It was a __________ (FANTASY) day out to the zoo yesterday 6. I have a very strong __________ (FEEL) of guilt 7. What were the surveys __________ (FIND) in the end? 8. I have 2000 __________ (FOLLOW) on Facebook 9. Hurry up! Our __________ (FLY) leaves in just over an hour 10.My __________ (FREE) is the most important thing in my life Copyright©intercambioidiomasonline.com www.intercambioidiomasonline.com G: 1. The __________ (GROW) of our tree is quite astounding 2. I have __________ (GET) to renew my driving licence 3. We had a huge _________ (GATHER) for our school reunion 4. I am going to buy this shirt, it is a complete __________ (GAIN) 5. I thought that I was a __________ (GO) until the fire brigade rescued me 6. We have four __________ (GUESS) staying at our hotel 7. I think __________ (GAMBLE) should be illegal. H: 1. I am __________ (HEALTH) than you are 2. What is the __________ (HIGH) of Everest? 3. The treatment of refugees is __________ (HUMAN) 4. ___________ (HAPPY) cannot be bought with money 5. I am __________ (HOOK) on a feeling and I am high on believing 6. I have a cup __________ (HOLD) in my car 7. Do you know how to __________ (HAND) pressure at work? 8. Thanks, you have been very __________ (HELP) with my studies I: 1. It is a very __________ (IMPRESS) place to visit 2. I have a very serious __________ (ILL) 3. What was your __________ (INTEND) when you started the project? 4. I have made a remarkable __________ (IMPROVE) with my language skills 5. The police were getting information from the __________ (INFORM) 6. His __________ (INSIST) of his innocence almost convinced us 7. For __________ (INSTANT), where do you want to buy a house? 8. It is a very __________ (INTEREST) project 9. The worst __________ (INVENT) ever was the mobile phone 10.I never buy __________ (IMPORT) fruit and vegetables 11.I have a very vivid __________ (IMAGINE) 12.I would love to study __________ (ILLUSTRATE) at university 13.I have made an important _________ (INVEST) in the football club 14.Could you give me the ___________ (INSTRUCT) to make the model K: 1. I have an excellent _________ (KNOW) of spanish history 2. I can´t carry on because I am __________ (KNACKER) Copyright©intercambioidiomasonline.com www.intercambioidiomasonline.com L: 1. What is the __________ (LONG) of the table? 2. I have made a huge __________ (LOSE) in the stock market 3. I am an extremely ________ (LUCK) person 4. The plane was coming in for __________ (LAND) 5. My sister is not a _________ (LIE), but she exaggerates the truth M: 1. It is a __________ (MIX) of a combination of factors 2. You need to __________ (MOVE) the plastic packaging 3. I need to take a few more ___________ (MEASURE) before I begin 4. What would be a ___________ (MEAN) contribution for you? 5. My cousin is really ___________ (MATURE)for his age, it´s a shame 6. I find it easy to ___________ (MEMORY) new vocabulary 7. Can I speak to the __________ (MANAGE), please? 8. I need another __________ (MARK) for the board N: 1. It is a wonderful ___________ (NATURE) product 2. Tom didn't understand the _________(NEED) of getting up so early 3. We need to find a _________ (NEW) energy source to replace fossil fuels 4. My children are playing very __________ (NOISE) 5. I have made a __________ (NOTE) improvement O: 1. Is there an __________ (OPEN) at your company? I think I am going to need a new job 2. I prefer the __________ (ORIGIN) version of this film 3. Sorry for not getting back to you, I have been really __________ (OCCUPY) 4. The _________ (OWN) of the white Toyota Verso should report to the office after class 5. I find it hard to follow __________ (ORDER) Copyright©intercambioidiomasonline.com www.intercambioidiomasonline.com P: 1. I am a very __________ (PICK) eater 2. I love going to the countryside, it seems so __________ (PEACE) 3. It was a __________ (PLEASE) to meet up with you last week 4. I am quite __________ (POPULAR). I am not sure why, maybe I am misunderstood 5. It was an incredible __________ (PERFORM) from Muse 6. It is not good to be a __________ (PERFECT), you just make everyone feel bad all the time 7. I can't do this, it is __________ (POSSIBLE) 8. Happiness is all about __________ (POSITIVE) 9. I don't want a motorbike, they are so _________ (PRACTICAL) 10.__________ (PATIENT) is a virtue 11.The police do not have any solid __________ (PROVE) 12.The __________ (PRODUCT) of cheese in Spain has increased tenfold 13.I can't deal with all of this social __________ (PRESS) 14.I feel great ________ (PROUD) in my academic achievements 15.I ought to work on my German _____________ (PRONOUNCE) 16.The injury was extremely __________ (PAIN) at first 17.We should decrease the amount of plastic ____________ (PACK) 18.My favourite __________ (PLAY) is Lewis Cook 19.When you receive the ________ (PAY), let me know R: 1. I am a big fan of __________ (RECYCLE) 2. I have had my car __________ (REPAIR) 3. Running a marathon was a __________(REMARK) accomplishment 4. You are so __________ (RELY). Why can´t you just tell me that you are going to be late all the time 5. Rest and _________ (RELAX) are the most important parts of unwinding 6. In __________ (RESPOND) to your letter, I think we should ask for some professional advice 7. Local __________ (RESIDE) were shocked by the damage caused in the earthquake 8. The loss of civilian lives was __________ (REGRET) 9. ___________ (REGARD) the cost of the project, it would be better to take out a loan 10.We had first __________ (REFUSE) on buying the property Copyright©intercambioidiomasonline.com www.intercambioidiomasonline.com S: 1. Scientists are carrying out a new piece of __________ (SEARCH) 2. The __________ (SURROUND) area has seen a great deal of investment in recent years 3. I find it hard to control my budget; my ___________ (SPEND) are through the roof 4. Thank you for being so __________ (SUPPORT) with my job 5. Monaco have sacked Henry and ___________ (STATE) Joachim Low 6. It gives me a great deal of ___________ (SATISFY) to support you on this mission 7. The ___________ (SUPPORT) of our loyal fans has been crucial 8. Why are you __________ (STARE) at me? 9. If at first you don't __________(SUCCESS), lift yourself up and try again 10.Do you know the __________ (SOLVE) to question number 14? 11.I would love to become a ___________ (SCIENCE) 12.The conditions are __________ (SUIT) for the event to go ahead 13.Wow, you have really __________ (SURPRISE) me 14.I am __________ (SURE) of its true value 15.The __________ (STRONG) of the wind prevented us from taking off 16.___________ (SURVIVE) of the fittest was first proposed by Darwin 17.I am not a very ___________ (SOCIAL) person 18.I am extremely _________ (SENSE) about the issue of child protection 19.This house has a lot of __________ (STORE) space 20.Do you understand the __________ (SIGNIFY) of your actions? 21.May I make a __________ (SUGGEST)? 22.My __________ (STUBBORN) will be my downfall 23.I like rock music, ___________ (SPECIAL) Led Zeplin 24.I am __________ (SHAME) of my behaviour T: 1. Would you do me the favour of telling me the __________ (TRUE)? 2. It was a _________ (TYPE) B1 error 3. I am a very ___________ (TOLERATE) person 4. I was asked to __________ (TEST) in court as an eye witness 5. I am not the most __________ (TALK) person in the world Copyright©intercambioidiomasonline.com www.intercambioidiomasonline.com U: 1. His behaviour was extremely __________ (USE) and a little bit odd 2. It is completely ___________ (UNDERSTAND), don´t worry too much about it V: 1. There is a huge __________ (VARY) in ability in this class 2. Can you put your ___________ (VALUE) in the lockers provided? W: 1. An English breakfast is a __________ (WHOLE) meal 2. What is the __________ (WIDE) of your car? 3. I am worried about my __________ (WEIGH); I should lose some 4. Thanks so much for the __________ (WARN) about traffic delays 5. We should share the __________ (WIN) with the whole team 6. I am __________ (WORRY) about my son´s progress at school 7. I have an expensive wireless __________ (WORK) at the office 8. I am extremely knackered and ________ (WEAR) out 9. I can't stand his __________ (WINGE) 10.Is my computer still under __________ (WARRANT)? I think it is broken 11.I find it hard to __________ (WIND) at weekends

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