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Итоговый мониторинг для 7 класса по учебнику Starlight

Данный материал может быть использован в качестве итогового мониторинга в 7 классах, занимающихся по учебнику Starlight

Содержимое разработки

Итоговый мониторинг по английскому языку.

Учени__ 7 класса «Г»


A Choose the correct item.

1 Can you ........ this problem?

A answer B work C solve D get

2 A freediver’s lungs ........ in size on the way up

to the surface.

A double B shrink C breathe D hold

3 They use lanterns for ........ at the Chinese opera.

A audiences C lighting

B costumes D curtains

4 The singer’s performance grabbed the ........ of

the world.

A attraction C sensation

B attention D connection

4 When we burn fossil ........, we produce carbon


A exhausts B gases C powers D fuels

5 Warm temperatures in the Arctic are causing

the ice to ........ .

A happen B melt C drop D form

6 He works at a ........ station in Antarctica.

A research B youth C science D survey

7 John has got a painful mouth ........ .

A ache B cut C ulcer D rash

8 You can’t ........ if you don’t get enough sleep.

A swallow C neutralise

B distinguish D concentrate

9 Garlic is good for our ........ system.

A immune C natural

B stomach D hearing

10 Wendy is always ........ and smiling.

A annoying C cheerful

B popular D generous

B Circle the correct item.

1 Simon took / held a deep breath and dived

into the water.

2 Kim works hard to take / reach her goals.

3 You should put some cream on that itchy cough /


4 Curry gives me an upset stomach / sickness.

5 They lost / missed their way in the forest.


C Choose the correct item.

1 Lisa would love ........ a job in a big advertising


A to get B get C getting

2 Ann is looking forward ........ work.

A to starting B starting C start

3 Sam’s job is ........ than Lee’s.

A most tiring B tiring C more tiring

4 They …….. at University when they met.

A had been studying B were studying

C had studied

5 Mary checked her emails after she …….. her


A had finished B was finishing

C had been finishing

6 At 7 pm yesterday, Jane …….. on the Net.

A surfed B was surfing C had surfed

7 If you ......... ice in water, it floats.

A will drop B would drop C drop

8 The train to London ......... at 9:00 am tomorrow.

A leaves B going to leave

C is leaving

9 James ......... to Nicaragua tonight.

A flies B going to fly C is flying

10 The reason ........ I exercise is to get fit.

A which B why C when


D Read the text and mark the sentences T (True), F (False) or NS (Not Stated).

1 The Dead Sea has more salt in its water than any other sea. ........

2 The Dead Sea is six times larger than other seas. ........

3 The Dead Sea is home to a lot of fish. ........

4 People aren’t allowed to swim in the Dead Sea. ........


in a valley that borders Jordan and

Israel is a sea like no other in the world. The

Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth with its shores

and water surface at 423 metres below sea level. The Dead Sea

is also the saltiest place on earth. The amount of water that

evaporates from the sea is far greater than the water that flows into the

sea. The evaporated water leaves behind large amounts of salt making the

Dead Sea six times saltier than the oceans. Shiny white crystals of salt cover

the shores of this amazing sea giving it a snow-covered effect. Because of this

high salt concentration, no fish or marine life can live in the water and this is

why people call it the Dead Sea. If a fish accidently swims into the Dead Sea

from one of the rivers that flow into it, it dies instantly. People, however, can

swim in the Dead Sea. Well they don’t actually swim, they float. The large

amount of salt in the water makes it very dense meaning bodies float

with no effort. This is the only place in the world where one can lie

down on the water and read a book! The high salt content also

gives the water healing properties. Tourists come to the

Dead Sea each year to relax in its unique water and

enjoy the health benefits from this deadly sea.

Everyday English

E Choose the correct response.

1 A: How can I help you?

B: a We have a room on the first floor.

b I’d like to book a room, please.

2 A: Do you want a double or a single room?

B: a A single room, please.

b That sounds good.

3 A: How much is it per night?

B: a It’s н85.

b It’s 18th June.

4 A: Does that include breakfast?

B: a Great.

b Yes, it does.

5 A: Can I book it then, please?

B: a Certainly!

b 5th May, for two nights!

F You have received a letter from your English-speaking pen friend, Ben.

We’ve moved house and now I have to go to a new school. It’s a pity because I liked my old school and I had a lot of friends there. Now I feel a bit lonely but I hope to find some friends here too….

What do you like most about your school? Have you got a lot of friends at school? What do you usually do with your school friends in your free time? …

Write him a letter and answer his 3 questions.

Write 100120 words. Remember the rules of letter writing.

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