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Брейн-ринг "What do you know about Great Britain"

Данная разработка способствует активизации познавательной и творческой деятельности учащихся.


Содержимое разработки

Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку в 7-х классах “What do you know about Great Britain”.

Форма проведения: брейн-ринг.

Цели и задачи.

1. Активизация и систематизация изученного лексического и грамматического материала.

2.Повысить качество усвоения изученного материала.

3. Активизировать познавательную и творческую деятельность учащихся.

4. Создавать творческую обстановку в коллективе.

5. Формировать навыки работы школьников с дополнительной литературой.

6. Расширять кругозор, повышать интерес учащихся к английскому языку.

Оснащение: : мультимедийный проектор, компьютер, экран, призы, магнитофон, презентация (слайды), раздаточный материал отдельных конкурсов (заданий).


  1. Which flag is the British flag?

  2. British money is …a) dollar b) pound c) euro

  3. What is the official residence of the Royal Family? a) Buckingham Palace b) Westminster Abbey c) St Paul’s Cathedral

  4. The capital of the UK is … a) London b) Oxford c) New York

  5. What is her name? a) Maria b) Catherine c) Victoria d) Elizabeth

  6. What is it? a) museum b) theatre c) circus

  7. What is Union Jack? a) the national guard b) the national anthem c) the national flag

  8. Which flower is the symbol of England? a) daffodil b) tulip c) rose

  9. When is Halloween celebrated? a) October 31 b) April 21 c) July 2

  10. Where is Speaker’s Corner? a) Kensington Gardens b) Hyde Park c) St James’s Park

  11. What is Big Ben? a) the clock tower b) the clock c) the bell

  12. Now it is a museum. But it used to be a prison, the royal residence and the treasure house. What is it about? a) Buckingham Palace b) Tower c) Westminster Abbey d) St Paul’s Cathedral

  13. Where did the coronations of many kings and queens take place? a) Buckingham Palace b) Tower c) Westminster Abbey d) St Paul’s Cathedral

  14. Solve the puzzle. London’s most famous square where you can see Admiral Nelson’s column.

  15. What is the other name of the Houses of Parliament? a) Buckingham Palace b) Westminster Abbey c) Tower

  16. What did Christopher Wren build in London? a) Buckingham Palace b) Westminster Abbey c) St Paul’s Cathedral d) St Paul’s Cathedral

  17. The legend says that without them the Tower will fall … a) the pigeons b) the squirrels c) the cats d) the ravens

  18. Under what king did the Knights of the Round Table gather together? a) Henry IV b) Arthur c) Edward II d) William the Conqueror

  19. The Princess Diana was the wife of … a) Prince John b) Prince Robert c) Prince William d) Prince Charles

  20. What is the national anthem of Great Britain? a) God Save the Queen b) In God we trust c) Peace at any Price

  21. What does the word “Albion” , the poetic name of GB, mean? a) green b) red c) white d) unknown

  22. Where is Greenwich? a) in England b) in Scotland c) in Wales d) in Ireland

  23. Who wrote “Oliver Twist”? a) Robert Stevenson b) Robert Burns c) William Shakespeare d) Charles Dickens

  24. What do children usually say at Halloween? a) give or take b) trick or treat c) sing or dance d) cry or laugh

  25. What is the most popular drink in Britain? a) apple juice b) tea c) milk d) coffee

  26. Scottish surnames begin with … a) O’ b) Mac or Mc c) De d) La

  27. What is the highest mark in British schools? a) F b) B c) G d) A

  28. Who is the “Architect of London”? a) Inigo Jones b) Edward Bailey c) Christopher Wren

  29. Name 5 means of transport

  30. Name 6 items of clothes

  31. Name 7 kinds of buildings

  32. Name 5 English cities

  33. Name 4 English books / films

  34. Name 6 landmarks of England

  35. Name 5 periods in the history of Britain

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