The meanings of KIND

Урок 66. Английский язык 8 класс ФГОС

Джон, Дора и Майк собираются в новое кафе. В своём обсуждении они употребляют слово «kind» в разных значениях. Все значения, а также фразовые сочетания этого распространённого слова учащиеся узнают из этого видеоурока. Урок дополнен практическим заданием на перефразирование.

Конспект урока "The meanings of KIND"

Mike: I’m hungry.

John: So am I. Let’s go to that new cafe, shall we?

Mike: Great. They say, there are many kinds of desserts and pizzas there.

John: Dora, are you coming with us?

Dora: Sure. Will you wait for me a little? I haven’t finished my homework yet.

John: Of course, we will.

Dora: Thanks. It’s very kind of you.

Hi guys,

In the lesson today you will get to know different meanings and usage of the word “kind”.

Look at the underlined words in the dialogue. Do they mean the same?

No, they don’t.

What parts of speech are they? In the first case “kind” is a noun. And in another example “kind” is an adjective.

So, the meaning of the word “kind” depends on what part of speech it is in the sentence.

There are 2 main definitions of “kind” in English:

As a noun “kind” refers to a group of people or things having similar characteristics; a particular category, sort or type of person or thing.

Let’s study some examples:

It will give you an opportunity to meet all kinds of people. (Это даст Вам возможность познакомиться с разными типами людей.)

The trees were filled with many kinds of birds. (На дереве было много разновидностей птиц)

There are many kinds of cheese on the table. (На столе представлено много сортов сыра.)

My friend doesn’t like such kind of activity. (Мой друг не любит такой род деятельности.)

He's just the kind of person I love. (Он как раз из таких людей, которые мне нравятся.)

After kinds of you can use either the plural or singular form of a noun.

For example, you can say:

I like most kinds of films or

I like most kinds of film_. - The singular form is more formal.

In more formal English, you can also say:

I don't like films of this kind.

Phrases with “kind”

Kind of means to some extent; somewhat; rather.

For example:

It was kind of strange to see him again. (Было как-то странно встретить его снова.)

I feel kind of obligated to go. (Я чувствую себя немного обязанным тебе.)

Jay's kind of working as a secretary. (Джей подрабатывает секретарём.)

Apples, oranges, this kind of stuff. (Апельсины, яблоки, всякое такое.)

a kind of is used when you are trying to explain or describe something, but you cannot be exact.

She described the colour as a kind of red. (Она описала цвет как что-то похожее на красный.)

The branches of the tree formed a kind of a shelter. (Ветки дерева образовывали что-то вроде укрытия.)

The adjective “kind” describes a generous, helpful, and thinking about other people's feelings person.

She's a very kind and generous person. (Она — очень добрый и щедрый человек.)

It's very kind of you to help us. (Это очень мило с вашей стороны, помочь нам.)

Thank you for your kind words. (Спасибо за Ваши тёплые слова.)

The adjective “kind” is also used to say that something does not cause harm, is not harsh or unpleasant, etc. - usually + to

This soap is kind to your skin. (Это мыло мягкое для вашей кожи.)

The critics have not been kind to her latest novel. (Критики не были благосклонны к её последнему роману.)

The adjective “kind” is also used in a formal polite request: (Будьте так любезны…)

Would you be kind enough to repeat what you said?

Would you be so kind as to show me the way?

Now let’s practice using the word “kind”.

Rephrase the following sentences using “kind”.

Would you please close the window?

My uncle has always been very helpful to me.

rather cold in here.

What model of car do you drive?

A good word can go a long way through.

She reads all genres of books.

I like to try different sorts of food.

You will find many brands of clothes in their new shop.

Our neighbor was very tolerant about the window our son broke.

A dry climate is comfortable for asthmatics.

That’s all for today.

Hopefully the lesson was informative and useful to you, guys!



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