Revision of numbers from 1 to 100

Урок 6. Английский язык 4 класс ФГОС

В ходе данного урока главные герои расскажут учащимся, для чего нужны числа и где они используются. С помощью Мобби, Бобби и Тобби ребята вспомнят числа от 1 до 9, а также изучат числа от 10 до 100. В конце урока ребята смогут закрепить полученные знания путём выполнения двух упражнений.

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Конспект урока "Revision of numbers from 1 to 100"

Hello, boys and girls! My name is Bobby.

And my name is Tobby. This is our friend Mobby.

Welcome to our lesson.

Today we have a guest.

It’s our friend Megan.

Hello, guys!

Megan, you look so sad!

Is something wrong?

Oh, guys, I am in big trouble!

What happened to you?

Well… Yesterday my friends and I went to the woods. We were just walking around when suddenly the girls saw a very old house. We came closer, looked through the windows, but didn’t see anybody. My friends decided to go inside the house. I told them that it’s a really bad idea, but they didn’t listen to me. So I had nothing else to do but join them. When we entered the house, we were shocked. The house was old and ugly outside, but really beautiful inside. The girls were talking and laughing when suddenly someone appeared in the room. It was a magician. The girls ran away, but I couldn’t run. The magician put a spell on me. I couldn’t move, but I could talk. Then the magician started talking to me.

Did someone invite you to my house?

No, sir… I’m so…

In this case how dare you and your friends come to my place?

I’m so sorry. I really am!

I don’t need your apologies! I will punish you for what you did!

No, please…

Stop talking and listen to me! I’ll give you a few tasks. You have to do all of them by midnight.

What will happen to me if I don’t complete them in time?

I will turn you into a frog! Now go!

See? I’m in real big trouble! I don’t want to be a frog! Help me, please!

Don’t worry. We will help you!

Did you look through his tasks?

Yes, I did. They are all connected to numbers. And I don’t know them very well.

Oh, it’s very easy!

We will help you with that!

Yeah, don’t worry! We won’t let the magician turn you into a frog!

Now I think you understand that today in the lesson we will:

revise the numbers from 1 to 100;


put the knowledge into practice.

First of all, tell me what does the term “number” mean?

And why do we need numbers?

Let me help you to answer these questions.

The word “number” means “the amount of something”.

It can be translated as “число, количество, цифра”.

We use numbers in our daily life.

Due to numbers we know time and date.

We can use them to count money.

Thanks to numbers we know the price of different things.

People use numbers to call their parents or friends by mobile phone.

Due to numbers we know our age.

Now we will revise the numbers from 1 to 9.

Let’s start.


For example:

One cat.


For example:

Two toys.


For example:

Three eggs.


For example:

Four bananas.


For example:

Five balls.


For example:

Six apples.


For example:

Seven mice.


For example:

Eight dogs.



For example:

Nine flowers.

Now we will revise the numbers from 10 to 100.

Let’s start.


For example:

My parents have ten trees in their garden.


For example:

The girl counted twenty butterflies in the field.


For example:

There are thirty days in April.


For example:

There were forty cows in the meadow.


For example:

Marry is very slim, and she weights fifty kilograms.


For example:

This beautiful green dress costs sixty dollars.


For example:

The distance between Halifax and Windsor is around seventy kilometers.


For example:

Christopher was driving his car at a speed of eighty kilometers per hour.


For example:

My grandmother will be ninety next Friday.

A hundred

For example:

This car park is made for a hundred cars.

We have revised the numbers from 1 to 100.

Now let’s do the magician’s tasks.

Boys, we need to hurry! Please! I don’t want to be a frog!

Oh, yes, you’re right! We have only two hours left.

And the first task is to match the numbers with their spelling.

Check yourselves.

The first number is TEN.

The second number is NINETY.

The following number is EIGHTY.

The fourth number is A HUNDRED.

The fifth is SEVENTY.

The following number is TWENTY.

The seventh number is THIRTY.

The eighth is SIXTY.

The ninth is FIFTY.

And the last number is FORTY.

Now let’s do the second task.

Here we need to answer the questions.

Question №1:

How many cats are there in the room?

Let’s check.

There are four cats in the room.

Question №2:

How many flowers are there in the meadow?

Check yourselves.

There are twenty flowers in the meadow.

Question №3:

How old is the woman on the picture?

Let’s check.

The woman on the picture is fifty years old.

Question №4:

How much does this dress cost?

Let’s check the right answer.

This dress costs ninety dollars.

Question №5:

How many pigs are there on the picture?

Check yourselves.

There are ten pigs on the picture.

And the last question:

How many presents are there under the Christmas tree?

Let’s check.

There are thirty presents under the Christmas tree.

That’s all, Megan. We did all the magician’s tasks!

Hooray! I’m so happy! Thank you, boys. I’ll never forget that!

You’re welcome, Megan, but you need to run now!

Yeah! There are only twenty minutes left.

Oh, right! See you soon. Thanks again.

Bye, Megan.

Well, well, well, look who’s here! Did you do all my tasks?

Yes, I did!

All right! This time I won’t turn you into a frog, but next time when you decide to visit someone’s house, make sure that you are invited.

Oh, thank you so much! I promise I’ll never get into someone’s house without permission again.

All right! Bye, girl.


Megan left the magician’s house and went home. She was so happy that her story had a happy ending!

That’s all for today, our dear friends.

See you soon, boys and girls.


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