Parts of the body. Injuries

Урок 55. Английский язык 9 класс ФГОС

К сожалению, Аллан растянул ногу и не сможет пару недель заниматься баскетболом. Ребята повторят части тела. Затем они попадают в больничный коридор, где столпилось много людей с разными жалобами. Также в уроке рассматриваются способы их лечения. Вторая часть видеоурока посвящена закреплению лексических единиц в устной речи. Учащиеся слушают диалог Алана с доктором, а также создают свои собственные диалоги, опираясь на предложенную схему.

Конспект урока "Parts of the body. Injuries"

Harry: Hello guys,

What sports do you like? Do you often go to the gym?

We’re keen on basketball! Today Allan and I are going to the stadium to play a game.

(phone calling)

Allan: Guess what? I’m in hospital! I think, I’ve broken my leg – but don’t worry, I’m okay. I’m waiting for the doctor.

I was in a hurry and ran down some steps. There was a banana peel on the steps, but I didn’t see it so I slipped and fell.

I was lucky that my parents were with me. They took me straight to the hospital.

Harry: Oh, that’s a shame! Call me as soon as you get any news.

Allan: Okay, bye.

Harry: No basketball for Allan for a while, then. Well, let’s talk about injuries in today’s lesson. I’m sure, that most of you have them quite often.

First, look at the picture. How many parts of the body can you remember and name?

Now I will point to the part of the body and you name it, please.











Sort these parts of the body into two columns 1. FACE and 2. BODY.

1. Head, face, ear, eye, eyebrow, check, forehead, nose, mouth, tongue, tooth-teeth

2. Neck, shoulder, arm, elbow, ankle, hand, finger, back, leg, knee, foot-feet, toe, thumb.

Which of the items in the box can you:

break, sprain, hurt, cut, scratch, burn, bump

You can break: knee, ankle, finger, arm, leg.

You can sprain: knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow

You can hurt/cut/scratch/burn/bump: knee, ankle, finger, ear, arm, leg, head, hand, foot, shoulder, elbow.

Find the odd word out.

1. scratch your face / leg / hand / hair

hair is odd

2. break your arm / eye / knee / ankle

eye is odd

3. sprain your ankle / ear / finger / shoulder

ear is odd

4. burn your hand / teeth / tongue / face

teeth are odd

5. cut your finger / leg / lip / spine

spine is odd

6. bump your head / shoulder / knee / tongue

tongue is odd

Where should you go if you have these problems – to a hospital, your GP (General practitioner), a dentist, or a chemist.

·                   You should go to a hospital, if you have a deep cut on your finger, a serious burn, a tropical disease, a serious illness.

·                   You should go to a dentist, if you have a toothache.

·                   You should go to your GP, if you have the flu, earache, stomachache.

·                   You should go to a chemist, if you have a cold, sore throat, stomach ache.

We’re in the hospital waiting room now. Look!

There are so many people.

What’s wrong with each person?

Match the people to the prompts.

1.                 I’ve sprained my ankle.

2.                 I’ve broken my arm.

3.                 I’ve cut my finger.

4.                 I’ve bumped my head.

5.                 I’ve burned my hand.

6.                 I’ve scratched my knee.

What do you do when you get some injuries or feel ill?

Use the prompts and the phrases in the list to give advice or offer help.

1. My back is sunburnt. – I can put some cream on it for you.

2. I have got a terrible headache. – You should take an aspirin.

3. I have cut my hand. – You should put a plaster on it.

4. I have got a bad cough. – You should get some cough medicine.

5. I have burnt my finger. – You should put it in cold water.

6. I have got a really bad toothache. – You should see your dentist.

7. I have bumped my head. – I’ll get some ice for you.

8. My stomach muscles hurt. – You shouldn’t go to the gym tonight.

Allan is in the hospital. Listen to his dialogue with a doctor and fill in the gaps with the words from the box.

Doctor: What’s the matter?

Allan: Doctor, I think I’ve broken my leg.

Doc: Can you move it?

Allan: Yes, I can.

Doc: Well, then you haven’t broken it. You have sprained it.

Allan: Is that bad?

Doc: It means you can’t play basketball for a few weeks.

Allan: It really hurts.

Doc: You can take some painkillers.

Allan: Thanks, Doctor!

Choose any injuries from the list:

Make dialogues with other students. Be sympathetic and give advice.

Use the following model.

(phone calling)

Harry: Hi, Allan! How are things with you?

Allan: Well, I haven’t broken my leg, just sprained.

Harry: No basketball for you for a while, then.

Allan: I just need to rest. I’m sure, I’ll be okay in a few days.

Well, that’s all for today!

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