Types of films

Урок 46. Английский язык 7 класс ФГОС

Сегодня ребята отправляются в кинотеатр, где знакомят вас с различными жанрами фильма, а также учат выражать свои предпочтения. Урок оформлен красочными иллюстрациями. Разнообразные задания на закрепление новой лексики являются замечательным дополнением к уроку.

Конспект урока "Types of films"

To begin with, I’d like you to complete the questionnaire.


1. What was the last film you saw?

2. What’s your favourite film?

3. Who is your favourite film actor?

4. Who is your favourite film actress?

5. Do you like watching films:

a) at home / at the cinema?

b) on TV / on your computer?

c) on your own / with someone?

d) only once / more than once?

As you see, we are going to the cinema today.

There’s a big choice of films in here today. Which one to choose?

Look! There are so many posters on the wall.

Match the posters in the pictures A-H with the types of film in the box.

Complete the sentences with the types of film.

1. People fall in love in _______ (a romantic film).

2. There’s a lot of singing and dancing in _________ (a musical).

3. I laugh a lot when I watch ______ (a comedy).

4. _________ is usually about space travel or aliens. (a sci-fi film)

5. _________ can be too scary for me. (a horror film)

6. There are usually a lot of guns and car chases in __________ (an action film).

7. I often cry when I watch _________ (a drama).

8. My four-year-old son’s favourite film is __________ (an animated film or cartoon).

Here is one more task for you.

Match the extracts from film reviews with the types of film.

1. Ninety minutes in the scary world of vampires and blood …..

a horror film

2. Childhood friends Jessica and Tim meet after ten years, and they want to be more than just good friends …

a romantic film

3. Gene Walker is a modern-day Fred Astaire, dancing and singing his way through the streets of Cordoba ……

a musical

4. New York police officer Jack Hare takes a holiday in Miami, but finds himself working to save the country from a terrorist attack…

an action film

5. A farmer in France wakes up and finds that all his animals can speak … Chinese. Lots of laughs as the farmer teaches himself Chinese to talk to the animals.

a comedy

6. A small Indian village has a visit from space tourists – aliens from another galaxy. A surprise as the aliens have more to learn from the locals than they think ….

a sci-fi film

7. Sally Bonner loses her parents in a train accident. She is blind and grows up alone with no friends … but then Edmund, her teacher, helps Sally learn to play the piano.

a drama

Listen to two conversations. Which films from the posters do the people talk about?

Hey, Martin, I’ve got a long train journey next week. Can you recommend a good film? For the journey

Well, do you fancy an action film like “The pirates of the Caribbean”??

I’m not a big fan of action films.

Erm … How about Gravity?

Mmm. I don’t really like sci-fi films.

But this one is good. It’s got a lot of drama and the acting is good.

OK. Sounds good. Thanks.

They are talking about the films from the posters D and H.

Hey, Tommie. Can you recommend a good film for home?

Would you like to watch Stephen King’s IT?

Mmm. It was on last week. It’s more of a horror film. I don’t really like horror films.

Let me think. How about Happy-Go-Lucky? It’s a comedy but also a drama. And I laughed a lot.

OK. Thanks. I don’t mind.

They are talking about the films from the posters E and F.

Listen again. In which conversation does someone talk about these topics? Make notes 1 or 2.

dramas                 2

action films          1

comedies              2

sci-fi films             1

the acting             1

horror films          2

Put the words in the correct order.

Check yourselves.

1.                I don’t really like horror films.

2.                How about Happy-Go-Lucky?

3.                Do you fancy an action film like The pirates of the Caribbean?

4.                Would you like to watch Steven King’s IT?

5.                I don’t mind.

Look through the sentences. Who is suggesting something (S). Who is responding (R)?

Let’s check. 1. R, 2. S, 3. S, 4. S, 5. R

To suggest something, we use:

Would you like ….?

Do you fancy …?

How about …?

Positive responds are:

I love / like / enjoy …

I don’t mind.

I prefer ….

Sounds good.

That’s a great idea.

Negative responds are:

I don’t really like …

I’m not a big fan of …

I hate / I can’t stand …

Work in pairs. Look again at the posters and role-play the conversations in a DVD store.

Use the following prompts.

OK, guys. The film is about to start and we have to go. See you soon.


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