Types of music

Урок 32. Английский язык 9 класс ФГОС

С помощью данного видеоурока учащиеся познакомятся с названиями различных направлений в музыке на английском языке, а также научатся высказывать свои музыкальные предпочтения с помощью описательных прилагательных и речевых клише.

Конспект урока "Types of music"

Harry: Hello guys, er… we’re a bit in a hurry right now.

You know that Kate is keen on classical music. She enjoys playing the violin. She looks very happy and inspired doing it.

She invited us to the concert tonight. We don’t want to be late. We are going by car and it’s a rush hour now. The traffic will be very busy.

But before we start I’ve got a couple of questions to you.

First, I’d like you to make a list of music we’re going to listen in a car.

Then… say what music we have finally chosen?

Harry: Let’s turn on the radio, shall we?

Allan: Good idea… Wow! Rap! It’s so rhythmic and exciting!

Harry: Please no! I don’t like it. It’s rude and sounds angry…

That’s it. Rock music is much better.

Allan: All my friends listen to it, but not me. I often like the texts of rock songs but not the music. It’s so aggressive and I find it depressing.

Harry: Maybe this will do. Classical music will never die.

Allan: Yes, but it’s not popular with teenagers today.

Harry: If we are looking for popular music may be let’s find pop.

Allan: Please no! It’s so sentimental…. Yes, Jazz! It’s fantastic!

Harry: Agree! It’s always so energetic.

Well, let’s check what styles of music are on your lists.

Here we have: rap, hard rock, classical music, pop and jazz.

And can you say what music we have finally chosen?

Yep... jazz is great, I think.

What other styles of music can you add to the list?

Now listen to the pieces of music and match them with the styles.

1. Number one on our list is rock music. Oh, I love it!

2. Jazz is great, isn’t it?

3. Country music or hillbilly as it was originally known in North America.

4. Yes, you’ve just heard the relaxing and catching tunes of popular music.

5. That was a piece of serious music, named classical.

6. Right, it was rap.

7. Just now you’ve listened to the sounds of Jamaica – reggae.

Describe different styles of music using the words from the box:

popular, fast, slow, traditional, energetic, aggressive, noisy, depressing, rhythmic, expressive, relaxing, sentimental, touching, cool, rude, exciting, great, soft, beautiful, boring, gentle, soothing, horrible, lively.

For example: I think reggae is very rhythmic and relaxing.

Have you ever taken part in Internet forums? What forums?

Now you’re going to read an Internet forum where the teenagers share their preferences in music.

What are the most and the least popular music styles nowadays?

Tom: I’m fond of hard rock and heavy metal music. My favourite bands are Nirvana and AC/DC. When I listen to their music at full volume, it fills me with energy! But when I have to do any task on the computer, I need some softer and slower music in the background. I usually listen to hip-hop then. In my opinion Heavy Metal is one of the greatest genres in the music industry.

Crazy: My favourite music style is electronic. I know lots of people think it’s senseless, but I find it fantastic! I listen to it all the time. When I go to bed, I put on my earphones and it makes me fall asleep faster.

Mike: I can’t get into rap! I think the lyrics of most songs are rude and the messages are only about girls and money. They sound very hateful! Why do people listen to rap?

Sam: I grew up in the country, in my grandad’s family who listened to nothing but country music; but I didn’t get into it as much as my brothers. I enjoy any music that sounds good to my ears – pop, jazz and others.

Jessica: I’m really keen on rap and hip-hop, but I also listen to all styles of music. What I look for in a song is lyrics and rhythm. Some songs are so touching that I listen to them over and over again.

Pat: I can’t stand heavy metal. It’s awful! The melody is hidden behind screaming and acting like madmen. Guitar solos can be good but you can’t hear them. Jazz and R&B is music. It has life, rhythm, a beat, and soul.

Harry: I’m really into rock music. It’s expressive, exciting. And it isn’t boring. I enjoy it very much. What about you? What music are you keen on?

Share your preferences in music using the following phrases:

I’m really into it.

I’m very interested in it.

I’m fond of it.

I’m keen on it.

I enjoy it very much.

I can’t stand it.

I hate it.

Finally, I’d like you to write a cinquain |sɪŋˈkeɪn| about music.

Cinquain is a short form of poetry that will help you to show every emotion within only a few lines.

Line A: General one-word subject or topic

Line B: Two vivid adjectives that describe the topic

Line C: Three interesting -ing action verbs or simple verbs that fit the topic

Line D: Four-word phrase that shows your attitude to the topic

Line E: A very specific term that explains Line A

Here is my cinquain:


Inspiring, exciting

Enriches, entertains, creates

Makes me happy


The French composer Debussi said: “Music is a free art, an open – air art, an art boundless as the wind, the sky, the sea.”

There is music everywhere: at home, in a concert hall, in parks, at the seaside and even in the forest.

People cannot live without music. They listen to music, dance to music, take singing lessons or learn to play a musical instrument.

Whenever you hum or whistle a tune, you are making music…


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