At home. Ordinal numbers

Урок 18. Английский язык 5 класс ФГОС

Данный урок расскажет учащимся о том, как образуются порядковые числительные. Также ребята смогут выучить такие слова, как flat, block of flats, hall, living room, kitchen, laundry room, bedroom, playroom, dining room и bathroom.

Конспект урока "At home. Ordinal numbers"

— Hello, boys and girls! My name is Kyle.

— Hello, everyone! My name is Sophia.

— Hello, friends! I’m Melanie.

— Hello! I’m Jackson.

— Welcome to our lesson! 

— We are happy to see you!

Today in the lesson we will:

● learn new words;

● talk about ordinal numbers;


● put the knowledge into practice.

First, let’s talk about ordinal numbers.

The translation is:

Порядковые числительные

We use them to tell the position of something in a list.

For example:

Megan, look! My house is the fifth on the street.

Now let’s answer the question:

How do we form ordinal numbers?

To form ordinal numbers we need to add the article “the” and the ending -th to cardinal numbers.

Cardinal numbers

Количественные числительные

Now look at the screen, please!

If the cardinal number is “four”, the ordinal number will be “the fourth”.

Six – the sixth.

Seven – the seventh.

Ten – the tenth.

Eleven – the eleventh.

Thirteen – the thirteenth.

Fourteen – the fourteenth.

Fifteen – the fifteenth.

Sixteen – the sixteenth.

Seventeen – the seventeenth.

Eighteen – the eighteenth.

Nineteen – the nineteenth.

The numbers 1, 2 and 3 are exceptions, because when we form the ordinal numbers from them, we don’t follow the common rule. That’s why we need to memorize them.

So if the cardinal number is “one”, the ordinal number will be “the first”.

Two – the second.

Three – the third.

We also need to memorize some ordinal numbers, which follow the common rule, but change their forms a bit.

And they are:

Five – the fifth

Eight – the eighth

Nine – the ninth

Twelve – the twelfth

There are also the cardinal numbers, which end with the letter “y”.

For example:


To form the ordinal numbers from them, we need to add the article “the”, change the letter “y” to “ie” and add the ending -th.

For example:

Twenty - the twentieth.

— Boys and girls, we’ve talked about ordinal numbers.

— Now look at the screen, please!

This is Kate.

And this is Lora.

Listen to their conversation, please!

— Hi, Lora! I haven’t seen you for ages.

— Oh, hi, Kate!

— Lora, would you like to come up to my place and drink some tea?

— Sure! Where do you live?

— Well… I live in a flat in that block of flats.



Block of flats

Многоквартирный дом

— Kate, which floor are you on?

— I’m on the third floor.

— Oh, okay.

— Lora, are you ready to go?

— Yes, of course. Let’s go!

— Here we are!

— Kate, this is the fourth floor. And you live on the third floor.

— No, Lora, this is the third floor. Oh, wait! You live in the USA now. Am I right?

— Yes, you are!

— In this case, I can explain everything to you.

— Okay.

Look at this block of flats.

In British English, the floor of a building at street level is called the ground floor.

The floor above it is the first floor.

Then goes…

The second floor

The third floor


The fourth floor

In American English, however, the floor at street level is called the first floor.

The floor above it is the second floor.

Then goes…

The third floor

The fourth floor


The fifth floor

— Oh, thank you, Kate! Now I understand!

— Great! All right, Lora. Let’s go inside!

— Okay.

— Look! This is my hall. I usually leave my coats and bags here.



— Now look! This is my living room. I usually watch TV here.

— Oh, okay.

Living room

Гостиная, зал

— Kate, is this your kitchen?

— Yes, that’s right! I usually cook, eat and wash the dishes here.



— Oh, wow! You’ve got a laundry room!

— Yes, it’s true. I usually wash and iron my clothes here.

Laundry room

Прачечная, помещение для стирки

— Now look! This is my bedroom. I always sleep in it.

— Oh, it’s so beautiful!

— Thank you!



— Kate, have you got a playroom and a dining room?

— No, I haven’t! But I have got a bathroom. I usually brush my teeth and take a shower here.

— Wow! Your bathroom is gorgeous!

— Thank you.


Игровая комната

Dining room



Ванная комната

— Lora, what about you? Do you live in a flat?

— No, I live in my own house.

— Oh, cool! All right, Lora. Now let’s go to the kitchen and drink some tea.

— Sure. Let’s go!

— Boys and girls, you’ve just listened to Lora and Kate’s conversation.

— Now we would like to check your knowledge.

Answer the questions!

Where does Kate live?

Which floor is she on?

Check yourselves!

The right answers are:

Kate lives in a flat.

She is on the third floor.

Where does Kate watch TV?

Where does she cook, eat and wash the dishes?

Let’s check!

The right answers are:

Kate watches TV in the living room.

She cooks, eats and washes the dishes in the kitchen.

Where does the girl sleep?

Has she got a dining room and a playroom?

Check yourselves!

The right answers are:

The girl sleeps in the bedroom.

No, she hasn’t.

Where does Kate leave her coats and bags?

Has she got a bathroom and a laundry room?

Let’s check!

The right answers are:

Kate leaves her coats and bags in the hall.

Yes, she has.


Look at the pictures and answer the question!

Which floor are the people on?

Let’s check!

The right answers are:

Tom is on the third floor.

Lily is on the tenth floor.

Jack is on the twelfth floor.

Let’s continue!

Check yourselves!

The right answers are:

Zoe is on the fifth floor.

Kyle is on the twentieth floor.

Lola is on the fifteenth floor.

— Well done, boys and girls!

— Now it’s time to say goodbye to everyone.

— Goodbye, friends!

— Goodbye, boys and girls!

— Goodbye!


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