Greetings. Working in pairs

Урок 13. Английский язык 5 класс ФГОС

В ходе данного видеоурока ребята обсудят, как можно приветствовать людей, а также прощаться с ними. Учащиеся выучат новые слова и фразы по данной теме. Затем главные герои расскажут ребятам о правилах, которые они должны соблюдать, если работают на уроке в парах.

Конспект урока "Greetings. Working in pairs"

— Hello, boys and girls! My name is Kyle.

— Hello, everyone! My name is Sophia.

— Hello, friends! I’m Melanie.

— Hello! I’m Jackson.

— Welcome to our lesson!

— We are happy to see you!

Today in the lesson we will:

● learn new words and phrases;

● discuss how to greet people;

● talk about working in pairs in class;


● put the knowledge into practice.

Let’s start our lesson!

A greeting is something friendly or polite that you say or do when you meet or welcome someone.

Now let’s answer the question:

How can we greet people?

There are lots of different words and phrases that we can use to greet people, but the most common way of greeting is the word:



This word can be used at any time of the day.

We can use “hello” when we talk with friends, family or even people we don’t know too well.

Look at the example:

Hello, Mrs. White! I’m happy to see you!

The following way to greet someone is to say:



This word can also be used at any time of the day.

We can use “hi” when we talk with people we know very well, like a friend, neighbour and so on.

For example:

Hi, Jason! I haven’t seen you for ages.

The third way to greet people is to say:

Good morning!

Доброе утро!

We use this phrase to greet people in the morning.

Look at the example:

Good morning, Kate! Did you sleep well?

The following phrase is:

Good afternoon!

Добрый день!

We can use this phrase to greet someone in the afternoon.

For instance:

Good afternoon, children! Let’s start our lesson.

The fifth phrase is:

Good evening!

Добрый вечер!

We can use this phrase to greet people in the evening.

For example:

Good evening, mummy! What’s for dinner?

After we greet someone, we can ask him or her:

How are you?

Как твои (ваши) дела?

Look at the example:

Hi, Kelly! How are you?

To answer this question, we can use the phrase:

I’m fine, thank you!

Я в порядке, спасибо!

For instance:

How are you, Jessica?

I’m fine, thank you!

When someone goes to bed, we can use the phrase:

Good night!

Спокойной ночи!

Look at the example:

Good night, Jack! Sleep well!

When we are leaving, we can use the word:


До свидания! Прощайте!

For example:

Goodbye, Lora, and thanks again for a great dinner.

And the last phrase is:

See you tomorrow!

До завтра!

We can also use this phrase when we are leaving.

Look at the example:

Paul, I’m going home now. See you tomorrow!

Now, everyone, let’s revise all these words and phrases once again!

Listen and repeat after me!



Good morning!

Good afternoon!

Good evening!

How are you?

I’m fine, thank you!

Good night!


See you tomorrow!

Well done, boys and girls!

Now look!

This is Mrs. Green. And these are her students.

Listen to their conversation, please!

— Hello, students!

— Hello, Mrs. Green.

— Students, today we are going to work in pairs!

— Oh, cool! Working in pairs is fun!

— Yes, it is! And don’t forget to follow the rules!

— What rules, Mrs. Green?

— Could you remind us, please?

— Sure!

When you work in pairs, follow these rules!

Look at your partner.

Listen to your partner.

Say “sorry”, “please” and “thank you”.

Share your things.

Be kind and smile.

Ask questions.

Think of new ideas.

— Thank you, Mrs. Green!

— You’re welcome! All right! Now open your books and go to page 20.

— Okay.

— Here you can see two exercises. Do these exercises, please!

— Okay, Mrs. Green.

Task 1.

Put the sentences in the correct order to make a dialogue!

Let’s check!

The right answer is:

Good evening, Kevin!

Good evening, Joseph! How are you?

I’m fine, thank you! What about you?

I’m fine too. Thank you!

How was your day, Kevin?

Oh, it was great! I spent the whole day at the zoo today.

Wow! I’m so happy for you!

Thank you. I’m sorry, Joseph, but I have to go home now.

Oh, okay. See you tomorrow.

See you!

— Well done, students! Now do the second task, please!

— Okay, Mrs. Green.

Choose the correct response!

Dialogue 1.

Good morning, Daniel.

The variants are:

Good night, Ryan.

Good morning, Ryan.

Good afternoon, Ryan.

Let’s check.

The right answer is:

Good morning, Ryan.

Dialogue 2.

How are you, Liam?

The variants are:

Thank you.

Hello, Jason.

I’m fine, thank you!

Check yourselves.

The right answer is:

I’m fine, thank you!

Dialogue 3.

See you tomorrow, Carlos!

The variants are:

Fine, thank you!

Good evening!

See you!

Let’s check.

The right answer is:

See you!

— Well done, students! Now I see that you can work in pairs very well!

— Yes, that’s right!

— The lesson is over, everyone! See you tomorrow!

— See you, Mrs. Green.

— Now it’s time to say goodbye to everyone.

— Goodbye, friends!

— Goodbye, boys and girls!

— Goodbye!


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