Family matters

Урок 10. Английский язык 9 класс ФГОС

В этом уроке идёт обсуждение таких непростых семейных отношений. Учащиеся вспомнят фразовые глаголы, которые помогают нам описывать наши ежедневные хлопоты по дому. Также в уроке представлены диалоги детей и родителей, в которых учащиеся рассматривают фразы извинения и критики, а также строят свои по аналогии.

Конспект урока "Family matters"

Hello, guys!

What kinds of things bother you?

Do you ever complain about them?

Do your parents or siblings ever bug you?

What do you do or say about it, if anything?

In today’s lesson we’ll learn to make requests and complaints using phrasal verbs and respond to them by apologizing.

These are common complaints of families with teenagers

My kids:

·                   don’t help around the house

·                   don’t listen to my advice.

·                   have strange friends

·                   dress badly and have ugly hairstyles

·                   watch too much TV

·                   don’t study enough

My parents:

·                   nag about chores and homework

·                   don’t like my friends

·                   criticize my appearance

·                   don’t respect my privacy

·                   always tell me what to do

·                   don’t listen to my opinions

Have you ever heard parents and children make these complaints?

Have you ever had any complaints like these about family members?

Mum: Allan … Allan! Turn down the TV a little, please.

Allan: Oh, but this is my favourite programme!

Mum: I know. But it’s very loud.

Allan: OK. I’ll turn it down.

Mum: That’s better. Thanks.

Dad: Kate, please pick up your things. They’re all over the living room floor.

Kate: In a minute, Dad. I’m on the phone.

Dad: OK. But do it as soon as you hang up.

Kate: Sure. No problem!

Mum: Goodness! Were we like this when we were kids?

Dad: Definitely!

Do you ever help at home? What are your household chores?

To talk about the things we do at home, we often use phrasal verbs. Find them in the dialogue.

Right, they are: turn down, pick up and hang up.

With nouns we can use the particle either after the verb or after the noun:

Turn down the TV.         or

Turn the TV down.

Pick up your things.       or

Pick your things up.

With pronouns we use the particle after the pronoun:

Turn it down.

Pick your them up.

Name the phrasal verbs with the opposite meaning?

Let’s check your answers.

Turn on (включить) – turn off (выключить)

the lights / TV

turn up (сделать громче) – turn down (сделать тише)

the music / radio

put on (одеть) – take off (снять)

your coat / shoes / cap

pick up (поднять) – put down (положить, опустить)

your book / backpack

Complete the requests with these words. Some phrases can go with more than one verb:

the dry cleaning, your coat, your boots, the light, the trash, the mess, the faucet, the toys, the cigarette, the room, the TV, the cat.

Let’s check your answers.

1.                 Pick up the dry cleaning / the toys, please.

2.                 Turn the faucet / the light / the TV off, please.

3.                 Clean the trash / the yard up, please.

4.                 Please, put your coat /the toys away.

5.                 Please turn down the light / the TV.

6.                 Please take off your boots / your coat.

7.                 Hang the dry cleaning / your coat up, please.

8.                 Please take out the trash.

9.                 Please put the light / the trash / the cigarette / the cat out.

10.             Turn on the faucet / the light / the TV, please.

Listen to parents ask their children to do things. Match each conversation with the picture it describes. Number the pictures from 1 to 5.


Mum: James, please turn that down. …… James!!!

James: Yes, Mom?

Mum: Turn that down!! It’s much too loud!

James: Sorry, Mom. I had it turned up because I wanted to hear the game.


Dad: Molly, put the groceries away, please. There’s ice cream in one of the bags.

Molly: I can’t right now, Dad. I’m doing my homework.

Dad: That’s what you always say, Molly! You’re not the only one in this house who is busy, young lady!

Molly: OK, OK…. I’m REALLY sorry. I’ll do it right now.


Mum: What’s this? …. James!

James: Yeah, Mom?

Mum: Why are there all these wet towels on the bathroom floor? Please pick them up and hang them up to dry.

James: Gosh! I’m really sorry, Mom. I forgot all about them. I won’t do it again.


Dad: Justin, come help me. We need to wash these dishes before your mother gets home. You should have done that after school, man!

Justin: Oh, Dad… I’m so sorry. Forgot about it. I’ll be in a minute…


Dad: Emma, I think the dog is trying to tell you something!

Emma: Well, I can’t possibly take him out right now. I’m doing my nails.

Dad: That’s not very nice. You should have walked him first!

The pictures should be numbered 4, 3, 1, 2, 5.

Look through the dialogues. How do the children apologize? What do they say?

I’m sorry. / I’m really sorry. I won’t do it again.

Do you know any other phrases to apologize?

You can say:

I’m very sorry. I didn’t realise …

Please forgive me. I didn’t mean to …

I apologize. / I do apologize.

Use the language in the table to make a request/criticise and apologise for the following annoying behaviour at home.

1. You never turn off the lights.

2. You never put the cat out.

3. You always play your music very loud.

4. You never tidy up your bedroom.

5. You never hang your coat up when you come home.

Allan: Have you noticed how forgetful Dad is getting? He is always forgetting

where his car keys are. It drives me crazy.

Kate: And he can never find his glasses either.

Allan: I know.

Kate: You know what drives me crazy about Mom?

Allan: What?

Kate: Those awful talk shows she watches on TV. She just loves them.

Allan: Yeah, I think she watches them for hours every day.

Kate: Oh, well. I guess they’re just getting old. I hope I never get like that.

Allan: Me, too. Hey, Let’s go and play a video game.

Kate: Great idea. By the way, have you seen my glasses anywhere?


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