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Урок 10. Английский язык 3 класс ФГОС

Урок познакомит учащихся с девочкой по имени София и членами её семьи. Также ребята смогут выучить притяжательные местоимения с помощью данного видеоурока.

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Конспект урока "A new member"

– Hello, boys and girls! My name is Bobby.

– And my name is Tobby. This is our friend Mobby.

– Welcome to our lesson.

– Today we have a guest.

– It’s our good friend Liam.

– Hi, everyone!

– Hi, Liam!

– Guys, today we would like to start our lesson with some pictures.

– Look at them, please.

– This will help you to guess the topic of our lesson today.

Now I think you understand that today in the lesson we will:

·      talk about family members;

·      learn new words;


·      put the knowledge into practice.

– All right, boys and girls! Let’s start our lesson.

– Look at the screen, please.

This is Sophia.

She has a mother and a father.

Mother – мама.

Father – папа.

We call both of them parents.

Parents – Родители.

But you should know that instead of “mother” and “father” people mostly use the short variants “mum” and “dad”

Let’s continue.

Sophia is not the only child in her family.

She has a brother and a sister.

Brother – брат.

Sister – сестра.

Sophia’s mother and father have their own parents.

It means that Sophia has two grandmothers and two grandfathers.

Grandmother – бабушка.

Grandfather – дедушка.

We call both of them grandparents.

There is no Russian translation of this word.

You also need to know that instead of “grandmother” people mostly use the short variants “granny” or “grandma” and instead of “grandfather” they use “grandad” or “grandpa”

– Guys, we have revised all the words related to the word combination “family members”.

– Now we would like you to listen to the conversation between Sophia and her friend Julia.

– But before you do that, let’s learn some new words.

– You’ll need them to understand the information.

The words which we are going to learn now are called possessive pronouns.

Possessive pronouns – притяжательные местоимения.

And they are:


The translation is “мой”

It came from the subject pronoun: I.

For example:

This is my dog!

Это моя собака.


The translation is “его”

It came from the subject pronoun: he.

For example:

His green trousers look great with this red T-shirt.

Его зелёные брюки смотрятся отлично с этой красной футболкой.


The translation is “её”

It came from the subject pronoun: she.

For example:

I like her beautiful dress!

Мне нравится её красивое платье.


The translation is “его, её”

It came from the subject pronoun: it.

For example:

Its nose is really long.

Его нос очень длинный.


The translation is “твой, ваш”

It came from the subject pronoun: you.

For example:

Rosy, your hat is so fashionable!

Рози, твоя шляпа такая модная!


The translation is “наш”

It came from the subject pronoun: we.

For example:

Our city is so beautiful today!

Наш город такой красивый сегодня!



The translation is “их”

It came from the subject pronoun: they.

For example:

Their teacher is very strict.

Их учительница очень строгая.

Now let’s revise the possessive pronouns once again.

Listen and repeat after me.









– Guys, we’ve learnt the words which you’ll need to understand the conversation between Sophia and her friend Julia.

– Now listen to this conversation, please!

– Hi, Sophia!

– Hi, Julia!

– Sophia, what’s this?

– Julia, it’s a photo of my family!

– Oh, cool! Who’s this?

– This is my mum.

– She’s nice! What’s her name?

– Her name is Kate.

– Oh, and who’s this?

– This is my dad. His name is Walter.

– Is this your brother?

– Yes, it is.

– What’s his name?

– His name is Sam. And that’s my sister Wendy.

– Who are they?

– They are my grandma and grandpa. Their names are Zoe and Nick.

– Sophia, look at this sweet creature!

– Oh, it’s our dog. Its name is Rex.

– Sophia, your family is so wonderful!

– Thank you, Julia!

– Boys and girls, we’ve talked about the members of the family.

– We’ve also learnt new words.

– Now we would like to check your knowledge.

And your first task is to unscramble the names of the family members.

And the words are…

Let’s check the right answers.

The first word is “grandmother”.

The second word is “sister”.

The following word is “grandparents”.

And the fourth word is “mother”.

Now look at the following words.

Let’s check the right answers.

The fifth word is “grandfather”.

The following word is “brother”.

The seventh word is “parents”.

And the last word is “father”.

Now do the second task. Here you need to complete the story using the words from the box.

The words in the box are…

her, their, our, my, his and its.

And the story is…

Hello, everyone!

My name is Zoe. I’m 12 years old.

This is … little sister. She is 6 years old.

… name is Lucy.

I also have a brother. He is 14 years old.

… name is William.

This is my mum and dad.

… names are Jennifer and Rick.

Look! This is … cat.

… name is Black.

I really love my family!

Check yourselves.

The right answers are:

·      My

·      Her

·      His

·      Their

·      Our


·      Its

– That’s all for today, our dear friends.

– We hope that the lesson was interesting and useful for you!

– See you soon, boys and girls.


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