School subjects

Урок 5. Английский язык 3 класс ФГОС

В данном видеоуроке главные герои Бобби, Мобби и Тобби поговорят о школьных предметах, а учащиеся смогут выучить их названия на английском языке.

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Конспект урока "School subjects"

– Hello, boys and girls! My name is Bobby.

– And my name is Tobby. This is our friend Mobby.

– Welcome to our lesson!

– Today we have a guest.

– It’s Mr. White.

– He is our postman!

– Hello, everyone!

– Mr. White brought us a letter.

– It’s from Willow.

– Guys, who is Willow?

– Oh, I don’t know!

– Me neither!

– Yeah! We don’t know any Willow, Mr. White.

– Guys, my task was to bring you this letter. That’s all!

– Oh, you’re absolutely right! Thank you, Mr. White.

– You’re welcome! Bye, boys!

– Bye, Mr. White.

– Guys, I think we should read the letter!

– Oh, I agree! If we read this letter, we will find out who Willow is.

– Boys, that’s a good idea!

– All right! Let’s start reading it.

“Hello, Bobby, Mobby and Tobby. This is a blue penguin. My name is Willow. I’m writing you, because I need your help. My friend Meadow said that you are very kind boys. So he advised me to write you a letter and ask for help. Boys, I have to go to school in two days! And the problem is that I don’t even know what subjects pupils have at school. As a result, I can’t buy the necessary books. Guys, could you help me with this problem, please? I really count on you. Can’t wait to get your response letter. Many thanks, in advance, for your help! Best wishes, Willow”

– Boys, we have to help Willow!

– Yeah, I agree!

– Let’s write the response letter and invite him to our place.

– Oh, that’s a brilliant idea!

– Let’s do that!

“Hello, Willow. We’ve got your letter. And we will be glad to help you! Come to our place tomorrow. The address is 25 Gold Street. We will tell you everything we know about the school subjects. Best wishes, Bobby, Mobby and Tobby”

So today in the lesson we will:

·      talk about the school subjects;


·      learn new words.

– Hello, Willow! Please, come in!

– Oh, thank you!

– Hello, boys! It’s so nice to meet you!

– It’s nice to meet you too, Willow!

– All right! Let’s start our lesson.

– First, you need to know that there are lots of different subjects at school.

– Let’s learn the names of some of them.


This subject is called “English”.

The translation is “Английский язык”.

Now look!

This subject is called “Maths”.

It’s translated as “Математика”.

The following subject is “Geography”.

The translation is “География”.


This subject is called “PE”.

It’s translated as “Физическое воспитание”.

Now look!

This subject is called “History”.

The translation is “История”.

The following subject is “Science”.

The translation is “Естествознание”.

Now look!

This subject is called “Art”.

It’s translated as “Изобразительное искусство”.

And the last subject is “Music”.

The translation is “Музыка”.

– Willow, we’ve just learnt the names of the school subjects.

– Now let’s revise them once again!

Listen and repeat after me!









– Willow, now you know the names of the school subjects.

– Yes, that’s right! Thank you, boys! But can I ask you a question, please?

– Oh, sure!

– Guys, what do pupils usually do in these lessons? Could you tell me, please?

– Oh, yes, of course!

– But before we do that let’s learn some new words.

– You’ll need them to understand the information.

– Oh, okay!

And the words are:


The translation is “читать”.

For example:

Kyle reads books every day.

Sing songs

The translation is “петь песни”.

For example:

My sister likes singing songs.

Listen to music

The translation is “слушать музыку”.

For example:

Jane always listens to music in the morning.


The translation is “бегать”.

For example:

Tyler and his friend can run very fast.


The translation is “прыгать”.

For example:

Christopher can jump very high.


The translation is “рисовать”.

For example:

Megan wants to draw a beautiful picture.


The translation is “говорить, разговаривать”.

For example:

Julia speaks all the time.

Do the sums

The translation is “решать примеры”.

For example:

Oliver likes doing the sums.

Solve problems

The translation is “решать задачи”.

For example:

Liam doesn’t like solving the problems.

Perform an experiment

The translation is “проводить эксперимент”.

For example:

Zoe and Nick’s task was to perform the experiment.

– Willow, now when you know the words, let’s discuss what pupils usually do in the lessons.

– Oh, cool! I can’t wait to hear that!

– Great!

– Let’s start with English.

In English pupils usually:

·      read the texts;

·      learn new words and rules;

·      listen to the records;

·      sing songs;

·      speak English.

The following subject is Maths.

In Maths pupils usually:

·      do the sums;

·      solve the problems.

Now let’s talk about Geography.

In Geography pupils usually:

·      look at the map;

·      study the countries of the world, the climate, the seas, the oceans and so on.

The following subject is PE.

In PE pupils usually:

·      jump;

·      run;

·      play sports games.

Now let’s talk about History.

In History pupils usually:

·      read the paragraphs;

·      talk about different events and people.

The following subject is Science.

In Science pupils usually:

·      perform the experiments;

·      solve the problems.

Now let’s talk about Art.

In Art pupils usually:

·      learn how to mix the paints;

·      learn how to draw well.

And the last subject is Music.

In Music pupils usually:

·      talk about different musical instruments;

·      listen to music;

·      sing songs.

– Oh, wow! Guys, all the subjects are so cool! I want to go to school right now!

– Ha-ha. You only need to wait till tomorrow!

– Oh, you’re absolutely right! Boys, thank you so much for your help!

– You’re welcome.

– All right! Now I have to go to the store and buy the necessary books.

– Oh, sure!

– See you, boys!

– See you, Willow!

– That’s all for today, our dear friends.

– See you soon.


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