Welcome back! Part 1

Урок 1. Английский язык 3 класс ФГОС

Урок расскажет учащимся о самом первом дне в школе. В конце урока ребята смогут закрепить полученные знания путём выполнения задания.

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Конспект урока "Welcome back! Part 1"

– Hello, boys and girls! My name is Bobby.

– And my name is Tobby. This is our friend Mobby.

– Welcome to our lesson!

– Today we have a guest.

– It’s our friend Rosie.

– Hello, boys!

– Oh, hello! Come in, please!

– Thank you, boys.

– Well, Rosie… Why did you decide to come so early?

– Boys, it’s because I really need your help.

– Oh, okay. And what can we do for you?

– Well… Yesterday our English teacher gave us a task.

– Oh, cool! And what’s the task?

– Boys, my classmates and I have to write three short dialogues.

– And what do you have to write in these dialogues?

– We have to write about the pupils and their first day at school after the holidays.

– Oh, sounds easy!

– I thought so too, but then I realized that I don’t even know how to start the dialogues.

– Oh, Rosie, don’t worry!

– We will help you with your task.

– But how will you do that?

– Well… We will learn new words and phrases.

– You will need them to make your dialogues.

– Oh, okay!

So today in the lesson we will:

·      learn new words and phrases;

·      talk about the first day at school;


·      put the knowledge into practice.

Before we start learning new words and phrases, let’s talk about school.

School is the place where pupils spend half of their day or even more.

Every day they come here, meet their friends and teachers. Pupils also learn something new at school. But there is one day every year when they feel nervous and exciting.

Feel nervous.

The translation is “нервничать”.

Feel exciting.

The translation is “испытывать приятное волнение”.

And it’s the 1st of September. On this day pupils are usually very excited to see their classmates and teachers after a long vacation. On the 1st of September all of them meet each other near the school. After that they go to their classrooms.

– Rosie, we’ve told you about the first day at school.

– Now let’s discuss what words, word combinations and phrases pupils can say to their classmates and teachers on this day.

– Oh, hooray! I can’t wait to hear them.

– All right! Let’s start.

The first word combination is “Welcome back”.

It’s translated as “Добро пожаловать обратно!” or “С возвращением!”.

Look at the example:

Hello, my dear pupils! Welcome back!

The following word is “today”.

The translation is “сегодня”.

Look at the example:

Boys and girls, today is a special day for everyone!

– Oh, boys!

– What?

– Wait, please!

– Why, Rosie?

– We’ve learnt only two words!

– Yeah, I know! But I think I have an idea for my first dialogue.

– Oh, cool! In this case, write your dialogue and read it to us!

– Okay!

10 minutes later.

– Boys, my first dialogue is ready!

– Great!

– Let’s read it!

– Boys and girls, today is the 1st of September!

– Yes, that’s right, Mrs. Davis.

– And it’s your first day at school after the long holidays. Welcome back, my dear pupils!

– Thank you, Mrs. Davis.

– Rosie, your first dialogue is great!

– Oh, cool! I’m so happy to hear that!

– All right! Let’s continue!

The third word is “everyone”.

It’s translated as “все, каждый”.

For example:

Everyone in the room danced and sang songs.

The following word is “think”.

The translation is “думать, считать, полагать”.

Look at the example:

Kate, I think I look great in this beautiful red dress!

– Boys!

– What?

– Wait a moment, please! I think I have an idea for my second dialogue.

– Oh, great! In this case, write your dialogue!

– After that we will read it!

– Okay.

10 minutes later.

– Boys, my second dialogue is ready!

– Oh, that’s wonderful!

– Let’s read it!

– Good morning, everyone!

– Good morning, Mrs. Baker!

– Boys and girls, it’s your first day at school. And I think it’s the best day of the year, because on this day you meet your friends and beloved teachers!

– Ha-ha! In this case, you are absolutely right!

– Rosie, your second dialogue is good and funny!

– Oh, great!

– All right! Let’s continue!

The fifth word is “again”.

It’s translated as “снова, вновь”.

For example:

Julia, don’t be late again or you will lose your job!

And the last phrase is “Nice to see you!”.

The translation is “Приятно вас (тебя) видеть!”.

For example:

Megan, it’s so nice to see you again!

– That’s all, Rosie!

– Now try to write your third dialogue.

– Okay!

10 minutes later.

– Boys, my third dialogue is ready!

– Oh, that’s awesome!

– Let’s read it!

– Hello, Robert!

– Hello, Megan!

– Nice to see you again, Robert!

– Nice to see you too, Megan!

– Rosie, your third dialogue is also great!

– Oh, I’m so happy to hear that! Thank you, boys!

– You’re welcome, Rosie.

– Now could you answer our question, please?

– Yes, of course!

– What can teachers and their pupils talk about on the first day of school?

– Oh, it’s easy! Pupils can tell their teachers how they spent their holidays!

– Yes, you are right!

– And now let’s read the story of one boy.

– His name is Hunter.

– In this story the boy tells his friend about his holidays.

– But before we read the story, let’s revise some words.

– You’ll need them to understand the information.

And the words are:


The translation is “солнечный”.


The translation is “ветреный”.


The translation is “жаркий”.


The translation is “холодный”.



The translation is “дождливый”.

Great! Now let’s read Hunter’s story. But the story is not completed. So your task is to complete it using the words from the box.

And the story is:

My holidays were great! In June the weather wasn’t …, but it was … . As a result, I spent the whole month at the camp. In July it was … and …, so my parents and I spent all the time at the seaside. In August the weather was … . That’s why I spent most of the time at home. I was reading books, listening to music and drawing.

Check yourselves.

The missing words are:







– Well done, Rosie!

– You are so clever!

– Oh, thank you, boys!

– That’s all for today, our dear friends.

– See you soon.


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