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Задания на отработку "Passive Voice"


Содержимое разработки

Transform these active sentences into passive voice

1.- The boy brought the parcel to my house.

2.- Sonia drove a beautiful new car.

3.- Two birds sang nice tunes in the branch.

4.- Henry buried some old coins in the garden.

5.-The journalist has written a good novel.

6.-Martin didn’t study the lesson for the exam.

7.-John is preparing a new project at work.

8.-The famous painter has sold his last picture.

9.- Alicia called her friend Tina two days ago.

10.-My aunt combed Tina’s hair in the bathroom.

11.-Alexander watched television in his bedroom.

12.-Rosalia cleaned her sister’s flat last weekend.

13.-They have passed all the final exams.

14.-My mom switched off the television at 9.30pm

15.-Sergio hasn’t done his homework today.

16.- You have cooked a good meal for me.

17.- Paul was washing the dishes after dinner.

18.-Walter is teaching Lorenzo the alphabet.

19.-Oscar broke two plates in the afternoon.

20.-My football team won the competition.

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