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Quest: Great Patriotic War


Содержимое разработки

QUEST on theme Great Patriotic War

Date: January 25, 2020.

Objectives: To develop students' communicative competence.

Increase student motivation to learn the subject.

To form the ability to work in a team (group).

Develop individual student abilities.

Reflection - to teach to evaluate the achievements of your and your comrades.

Technical support: multimedia projector, computer, handout, cluster, balls, puzzles, medals, orders.

Teaching method: verbal, visual, explanatory and illustrative.

Form of study: frontal, group.

Applied pedagogical technologies: communicative learning technology, gaming, ICT tools in the lesson.

During the classes

Work stages

Stage Content


Organizational phase of the training session


Resources used


Organizational moment (mood for the lesson)

2 minutes


Teacher activities

Students activities


Welcome students:

“Good morning, children! We are glad to see you. Sit down, please!” Today is a special day. Today is a special lesson. Today we are going to play. Today we have the unusual lesson. We are going to have some fun. And now let’s remember our previous lessons. We have spoken so much about Great Britain and English-speaking countries.


To improve the skills and practical knowledge of the English language on this topic in different types of speech activity: speaking, listening, grammar skills.

Increase your motivation to learn English.

To broaden the horizons of students.

Developing aspect: to develop students' cognitive abilities, attention, memory. To develop the ability of students to compare, to logically express their thoughts, to develop monological and dialogical communication skills, listening.

Educational aspect: the development of a respectful, tolerant attitude to the culture of English-speaking countries, to comrades, the ability to work in a team, listen, analyze and accept the opinion of another person.

Answer replicas: “Morning, teacher! Glad to see you too.” “Hello”

Communicative: listen, respond and respond to a cue adequately in a speech situation.

Regulatory: use speech to regulate your actions.


Speech Workout

The goal is to develop pronunciation skills, to set up articulation of students in English.

The game "Praise a classmate"

The teacher offers students to cheer up each other, praise and compliment:

You are nice/ strong /good-looking/ serious/ cool, etc.

The goal is to repeat after the teacher phonetically correct English sounds and words.

Students are attuned to the lesson.

Develop the skill of pronunciation of English sounds and the use of grammatical construction You are…

Regulatory: exercise self-control of correct pronunciation.

Personal: to form ethical feelings of benevolence and emotional and moral responsiveness.

Cognitive: Extract the necessary information from the listened.


Goal Stage


Resources Used


Goal setting and motivation

2 minutes


Teacher activities

Students activities


Brainstorming Reception

Using questions, we bring students to the purpose of the lesson. So, let’s start our work. Look at the screen, please. (slide 2) Whom can you see? What do you know about this person?

Well, today our queen is sad. How do you think why she is sad? What has happened?

Yes, you are absolutely right. (slide 3) Her Crown has been stolen. And today we are going to help our Queen to find her Crown.

And, in your opinion, who can help us to find the crown?

The goal is to formulate the task of the lesson.

Answering leading questions they themselves draw conclusions about the purpose of the lesson.

Cognitive: Take part in the conversation, formulate and set cognitive tasks.

Regulatory: To be able to plan their activities in accordance with the target setting.

Personal: Motivation for educational activities (social, educational, cognitive)

Communicative: Interact with the teacher during a frontal conversation


Main Lesson


Resources Used


Game preparation

5 minutes


Teacher activities

Students activities



26 minutes

Play games

Game is starting

  1. Making the puzzle from pictures of Kazakh heroes of war 2

  2. Making claster about war 2.

  3. Searching the new tasks from the trees and do it.

  4. Finding and burting of balls

  5. Find the new tasks from the hall.

  6. Tasks about War 2

  7. Quiz about War 2




Envelopes with Jobs

Teacher activities






Resources Used

3 minutes

Blackboard and crayons



Teacher activities

Students activities


The goal is to summarize the lesson, to establish the correspondence of the result to the goal. Thank you for your work! What was the aim of our today’s lesson? How did we get it?

To summarize the lesson, drawing apples with colored crayons on a tree. It was great!


It was boring!

I t was OK!

The goal is to carry out a stating and predictive control on the result and mode of action.

Answer the questions of the teacher. Draw conclusions.

Children draw apples on a tree.

Cognitive: To evaluate the process and the result of activity.

Communicative: Formulate your own opinion and position.

Regulatory: To identify and formulate something, to carry out step-by-step control on the result.

Personal: To form an adequate motivation for educational activity, to understand the importance of knowledge for a person.


The final stage of the training session


Resources used



2 minutes


Teacher activities

Students activities


The goal is to thank students for their active participation in the lesson.

Thank you for such an interesting and exciting lesson. It was really great. I am very glad that you are interested in English

The lesson is over. Goodbye!

Say goodbye in English.


«School-Lyceum №5»

January 25, 2020

Quest in English on the teme: The Great Patriotic War


Classes: 8 "B, Г"

Teacher: Zhumadilova M.K.

2019-2020 academic year

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