Airports and air travel

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Пристегните ремни! Следующий урок – «Airport and air travel». Вы посетите самые известные аэропорты мира, изучите лайфхаки для новичков в аэропорту, а также знаки и указатели, которые вы можете там встретить.

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Hello, guys! How are you doing?

Today we’re going to a very spacious but… crowded place.

You’ll be able to read the topic of today’s lesson only if you join the rhyming words.

Follow the lines and guess the word, if you still have any difficulties.

So, the key word is an AIRPORT.

What is your nearest airport? What’s it like? What can you do there while you’re waiting for a flight?

For many people airports are a nightmare – long queues when you check in and go through security and an even longer wait if your flight is delayed. But there are some airports where you can actually enjoy yourself. All good airports have excellent facilities for business people and children, free Wi-Fi, restaurants, cafes, and shops. But the best airports have much more…

Top airports in the world

Singapore Airport is a paradise for flower lovers, as it has an indoor orchids garden! It also has a rooftop swimming pool and a free sight-seeing tour for people who have at least five hours to wait for their connecting flight.

If you like computer games, you’ll never be bored at Hong Kong International Airport – there are dozens of free Playstations all over the terminals! It’s also good for people with no sense of direction – there are “Airport Ambassadors” in red coats, who help you to get from one place to another.

Seoul Airport is the place to relax. You can go to the hairdresser and have beauty treatment or a massage. Sports fans can also play golf at their 72-hole golf course!

Munich Airport helps to keep passengers entertained with a 60-seat cinema and non-stop films. There is also free coffee and tea near all the seating areas, and lots of free magazines and newspapers.

If you worry about your health and like to be near medical services at all times, Osaka Airport in Japan is the perfect place to wait, as it has a dentist and doctor’s treatment surgery. And for people with animals, there is even a pet hotel!

If you have a long wait between flights at Zurich Airport in Switzeland, you can rent day rooms with their own bathroom and kitchen and wake-up call service. So you can have a shower and then sleep peacefully until you have to board your flight.

Which is the best airport(s) if you …?

1. have a medical problem

2. would like to see a film

3. want to do some sport or exercise

4. need to leave your dog for the weekend

5. are worried about getting lost

6. want to sleep between flights

7. would like to see the city between flights

When was the last time you were at an airport? Was it to travel somewhere or to meet someone?

Useful Tips for a First Time Air Passenger

1. Get to the airport at least two hours before takeoff.

2. When you are at the airport, ask an airport official where you can get a customs declaration form. Fill it in. Write in printed letters. If you have currency, money, jewellery, or antiques, you should write them down here.

3. Go to the check-in desk.

4. At the check-in desk, your ticket is checked and your luggage is weighed and registered. If it is overweight, you will have to pay an excess baggage charge. (Different companies allow from 20 to 25 kilos.)

5. Then you have to go through customs where your bags can be opened and checked. You can keep hand luggage with you, but the heavy luggage is taken to the baggage cabin.

6. When the airport official makes sure that everything is all right with your ticket and with your luggage weight, you are given a boarding pass. The number of your seat is printed on it.

7. The next step is passport control where your passport is checked.

8. When everything is done, you go to the departure lounge and wait till the number of your flight is announced.

9. Be careful not to miss the announcement of your flight and the number of the gate you should go to.

10. When you are at the right gate, the airport official checks your boarding pass and you are directed to the plane or taken by a special bus.

Have a nice flight!

Look at the airport signs and match them to the words and phrases.

1. Arrivals

2. Baggage drop-off

3. Baggage reclaim

4. Check-in

5. Customs

6. Departures

7. Gates/lounge

8. Lifts

9. Passport control

10. Terminal

11. conveyer

12. Trolley

Listen to a few situations. Match them to the words in the box.


A Excuse me. My suitcase hasn’t arrived. Do you know where I can go to report it?

B Yes, sir. Lost luggage is that window over there.


A Can you take your boots off, please?

B Sorry?

A Your boots. Take them off and put them on the belt, please.


Boarding for British Airways flight B-A-zero-five-six-four to Milan will begin in a few minutes. Passengers in row 15 to 30 are invited to board first. Please, have your passport and boarding pass ready.


A Are you here on vacation?

B Er, yes, I am.

A How long are you staying?

B Two weeks.


Passport and boarding pass, please. Thanks. How many bags are you checking in?

1. Baggage reclaim, 2. security check, 3. gates, 4. passport control, 5. check-in

Complete the text.

Last summer, I flew to New York with my parents to visit some relatives. The flight left from Terminal 1, so my brother dropped us outside the building. We went inside and looked for the lift to take us upstairs to Departures. We picked up our boarding passes at the check-in. Then we did some shopping.

After that, we made our way to the gates, to board our plane. We had a good flight, but we were very tired when we landed at Heathrow Airport. There was a long queue at passport control, and they asked us a lot of questions at immigration. Finally, we went to Baggage Reclaim to pick our bags. We needed a trolley this time because of all our suitcases. Nobody stopped us at Customs, so we went straight to Arrivals, where our relatives were waiting for us.


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