Quiz “A trip to English land”

Урок 3. Занимательный английский 5–7 классы

В ходе данного видеоурока учащиеся смогут выполнить задания викторины по теме «Путешествие в страну английского языка». Также ребята узнают любопытные факты о Великобритании.

Конспект урока "Quiz “A trip to English land”"

– Hello, our dear friends! My name is Charlie.

– Hello, everyone! I’m Kevin. And this is Frankie.

– Welcome to our lesson.

– We are happy to see you!

– Guys, it’s 8 o’clock already. We need to hurry, or we will be late for our English lesson.

– Oh, yes, Kevin, you’re absolutely right! Charlie, are you ready to go?

– Yes, of course! Let’s go, boys!

– Oh, what a relief! We are just in time.

– That’s right! We even have 2 minutes left.

– Guys, look! Mr. Reynolds is here!

– Hello, students!

– Hello, Mr. Reynolds!

– Sit down, please!

– Mr. Reynolds, what are we going to do today?

– Today we are going to do the quiz.

– Oh, wow! That is so cool!

– Mr. Reynolds, what’s the name of the quiz?

– Well… The quiz is called “A trip to English land”.

– Sounds interesting!

– I’m glad to hear that! Boys and girls, are you ready to do the quiz?

– Yes, of course!

– Wonderful! In this case, let’s start!

– Okay, Mr. Reynolds!

So, today in the lesson we will:

discuss some interesting facts about the UK;


● do the quiz “A trip to English land”.

Boys and girls, the quiz “A trip to English land” consists of 7 tasks.

Task 1.

Answer the question!

Which of the following countries make up the United Kingdom?

The variants are:




The Netherlands


New Zealand



The Philippines

Northern Ireland

Let’s check!

The right answers are:




Northern Ireland

Students, you should know that…

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is the official name of the British Kingdom. The short variant is the UK. The total area of the UK is over 242 thousand square kilometres.

The UK is situated on the British Isles and consists of four countries. They are England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Task 2.

Look at the map and the pictures and fill in the gaps with the names of the capitals!

Check yourselves!

The right answers are:

The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh. The capital of England is London. The capital of Wales is Cardiff. And the capital of Northern Ireland is Belfast.

Students, now I would like to tell you some interesting facts about Edinburgh, London, Cardiff and Belfast.

Edinburgh has more trees per head of population than any other city in the UK. The capital is also home to 112 parks, which make up the lungs of the city.

Joanne Kathleen Rowling wrote some of her books about Harry Potter in Edinburgh. She took inspiration from the landscapes of the city, and it helped her to create the characters and locations.

The interesting fact about London is that…

London is the largest city of England. It is home to a diverse range of people and cultures. As a result, over 300 languages are spoken in this city.

London has a lot of ancient traditions. One of them is keeping black ravens in the Tower of London. The legend says that until ravens are in the Tower, Britain will be powerful, and London will be the capital of the country.

The interesting fact about Cardiff is that…

Cardiff is known as the “City of Arcades” for good reason. It has the highest concentration of Victorian, Edwardian and contemporary indoor shopping arcades in Britain. These arcades house over 100 independent cafés, bars and shops right in the heart of the city.

Cardiff has the oldest record store in the world. “Spillers Records” dates back to 1894, and it used to sell wax records for the newly invented phonograph!

The interesting fact about Belfast is that…

Belfast is famous for being the birthplace of the British passenger liner “Titanic”. The ill-fated ship was built in the city in 1912, and to this day there is a museum to its building and the lives of all those on board.

Clive Staples Lewis, the author of "The Chronicles of Narnia", was born in Belfast and spent his childhood there. It is believed that the landscapes around Belfast have inspired him to create the world of Narnia.

Task 3.

Match the holidays with their dates of celebration in Great Britain!

Let’s check!

The right answers are:

Halloween is celebrated… on the 31st of October.

Christmas is celebrated… on the 25th of December.

Saint Valentine’s Day is celebrated… on the 14th of February.

April Fool’s Day is celebrated… on the 1st of April.

Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated… on the 17th of March.

Boxing Day is celebrated… on the 26th of December.

Task 4.

Answer the question!

What is Scotland’s most famous castle?

The variants are:

Dundas Castle

Merchiston Castle

Edinburgh Castle

Bavelaw Castle

Check yourselves!

The right answer is:

c) Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle is very popular with tourists. Around 1 million people visit it every year. It’s a very unique castle as it was built on the top of an extinct volcano.

Task 5.

Match the names of the holidays with their descriptions!

The names of the holidays are…

And the descriptions are…

Let’s check!

The right answers are:

Saint Valentine’s Day

On this day people send special cards and get presents from their beloved ones.

Mother’s Day

On this day children usually give cards, flowers and presents to their mothers.


On this day people give and receive presents such as eggs, springtime flowers, hot cross buns, etc.


On this day people set off fireworks, get presents from Santa Claus and exchange good wishes.

April Fool’s Day

On this day people play jokes on their friends, parents, relatives, classmates, colleagues, etc.

Task 6.

Answer the question!

What is the highest mountain in the UK?

The variants are:


Ben Nevis

Great Gable

Scafell Pike

Check yourselves!

The right answer is:

b) Ben Nevis

Mountains in the UK are not very high. The highest mountain is Ben Nevis, and it’s situated in Scotland. Ben Nevis stands at 1,345 metres above sea level.

The top of the mountain is one of the wettest places in the UK. And if you have a desire to climb Ben Nevis, don’t forget to take your raincoat.

Task 7.

Read the sentences and say if they are true or false. Correct the false sentences!

The longest river in Great Britain is the Severn.

Wall Street in the heart of London is the most famous shopping street in the world.

Over 3 million people a day use the Underground or Tube to get around in London.

The UK is washed by the Pacific Ocean, the Black Sea and the North Sea.

The Tower of London sits on the banks of the River Walbrook.

Black cabs are special taxis that have a lot of room for passengers and their luggage.

Let’s check!

The right answers are:


False (Oxford Street in the heart of London is the most famous shopping street in the world.)


False (The UK is washed by the Atlantic Ocean, the Irish Sea and the North Sea.)

False (The Tower of London sits on the banks of the River Thames.)


– Well done, boys and girls!

– Thank you, Mr. Reynolds.

– Now I see that you know a lot about the United Kingdom.

– Yes, it’s true!

– The UK is a wonderful country!

– Oh, yes, I totally agree with you! All right, everyone! The lesson is over. Goodbye, students!

– Goodbye, Mr. Reynolds!

– That’s all for today, boys and girls!

– We hope that the lesson was interesting and useful for you.

– See you soon!


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