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Урок английского языка по теме What right is right for me


Содержимое разработки

Tема: Урок английского языка по теме "What right is right for me?"

Учебник: «Английский язык» под редакцией В.П. Кузовлева.

Тип урока: комбинированный.


  • образовательная: формировать лексико-грамматические навыки говорения и чтения; развивать умение читать, понимать на слух с целью извлечения конкретной информации; знакомить с Конвенцией ООН по правам детей и основными правами, провозглашенными в данной конвенции;

  • развивающая: развивать способность к рефлексии; к логическому изложению;

  • воспитательная: формировать правовую культуру личности, сознательное отношение к своим правам.


  1. Компьютеры.

  2. Интерактивная доска.

  3. Презентация к уроку.

  4. Индивидуальные карточки с заданиями.

Ход урока

I. Организационный момент

  • Good morning, boys and girls! (Good morning!)

  • I haven't seen you for ages. I am glad to see you again. (We are glad to see you too.)

  • How are you? (We are fine, thanks. And how are you?)

  • I am fine, thank you. Sit down, please. Today we shall find out if it is easy to be young.

The United Nations organization investigates social teenagers’ problems and tries to help children to cope with them. I know you often discuss your problems and your lesson is devoted to this theme.

Повторенье пройденного материала.

Do you know that Russia agreed to the UN Convention on the rights of the Child in 1989? We would like to know your opinions about children’s rights. What rights do Russian children have? What right is the most important for you?

the right to information;

the right to non-discrimination;

the right to life;

the right to name and nationality at birth;

the right to express their views;

the right to meet other people; the right to protection;

the right to health and health care;

the right to education and development;

the right to leisure;

the right to privacy;

the right to take a full and active part in everyday life.

Get – получить have – есть

III. Совершенствование навыков аудирования

Can you name what right it is? Listen to me, please.

All children must get a name when they are born. Every child has a chance to rest and play. The Government must give children good medical care. Children have the right to develop their abilities. Children can say what they think. All children have the right to study. Children can get useful information.

All children have the rights whatever their religion, race, language, their family background.

IV. Совершенствование навыков чтения. p. 110

The British Government joined the UN Convention in 1991. It worked out some documents with age limits for some activities for British children. You can see the text at page 110-111, look through it and answer my questions:

Look through the leaflet and find at what age young people in Britain can:

Drive a car leave school, join the army, buy alcohol, get married

V.Совершенствование навыков диалогической речи p. 112

4. Which age limits does the law set for the young people in the pictures? Find the information in the leaflet to support your opinion.

5. What does the British law permit young people of your age to do?

VII.Развитие навыков монологической речи

VIII. Совершенствование навыков письма.

In your culture.What age limits are there in your culture?

IX. Заключительный этап урока

Dear friends! Thank you very much for attending our discussion and sharing your opinions with us. All children want to be independent, do everything they want. We do learn from experience. Each failure teaches us something. But to my mind they should ask parents’ advice and try to find some understanding. Respect different opinions and make our world better.

9. Рефлексия. Подведение итогов урока.

1) T: Let` s work with a synquane now. (Презентация. Слайд 13)

What is the main word of the lesson?

What adjectives, verbs are associated with it?

Think of a phrase.

Name the synonym!

2) T: Our lesson comes to the end. We shall complete the Knowledge Chart now.

(Презентация. Слайд 14)

What do you know?

What have you learnt?

What do you want to learn?

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