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Контрольная работа по теме "Mass Media", 7 класс.

Контрольная работа по теме "Mass Media", 7 класс.


Содержимое разработки

I. Write an F next to the words relating to film, and an M next to those relating to music.

e.g. singer M

1 plot .......

2 lyrics .......

3 script .......

4 powerful voice .......

5 special effects .......

6 single .......

7 music charts .......

8 acting .......

Fill in the gaps with in, into, off or on.

9 They used special effects to show how the

woman turned .......... a monster.

10 Don’t turn .......... the radio. I love this song!

11 I will turn .......... the TV as soon as I finish

my homework.

12 I’m going to turn .......... . I’m very tired!

Read the following film review and fill in the missing words.

Superman Returns 13) ............ a fantasy film based on the superhero, Superman. The

main actors 14) ............ the film are Brandon Routh, Kate Bosworth and Kevin Spacey.

The story begins with Superman’s return to Earth 15) ............ his home planet, Krypton.

When he arrives on Earth, he has to fight with the criminal genius Lex Luthor. Of course,

Superman saves everybody from danger, once again!

I have always loved Superman because I love stories about superheroes. They are more

exciting 16) ............ all other film types. The special effects in the film are great, and the

actors are all very talented! Also, Kevin Spacey is my favourite actor. I have been a big fan

of Kevin Spacey 17) ............ 2001, and I think he is the funniest character in the film.

Choose the correct item.

18 The ............. to the song were very


A script B lyrics

19 He is a fantastic ............. .

A singer B cast

20 As a ............., Ben writes the lyrics for songs.

A powerful voice B songwriter

21 Jazz music is so ............. .

22 beautiless B beautiful

23 Have you heard Avril Lavigne’s .............


A latest B later

24 Pop music always has really ............. .

A powerful voice B catchy tunes

25 The album got to the top of the .............!

A sound effects B music charts

26 The lyrics in rock music can be very

............. at times.

A helpless B thoughtful

27 Harry has a very ............. .

A powerful voice B exciting lyrics

28 His second album is more ............. than his


A speechless B successful

Underline the correct item.

29 I don’t want to watch/watching a film.

30 He has start/started reading the book yesterday afternoon.

31 She has been an actress since/for five years.

32 He hasn’t played football since/when he was a child.

33 I would like/fancy to watch a thriller tonight.

34 Last night, I have hired/hired a great film from the video shop.

35 Do you think/fancy going to the cinema this afternoon?

36 It was the funniest film of all time accordance/according to the critics.

37 Can you turn on/in the radio, please?

38 I turned off/have turned off the TV five minutes ago!

Complete the following sentences with the correct form of the adjective or adverb, comparative or

superlative of the words provided.

39. This is ___________________________ (fancy) dress I own.

40. In my opinion, a deer moves ____________________ (graceful) of all the animals.

41. The politician spoke ________________ (loud) than was necessary.

42. When we travel, my suitcase is always _______________ (heavy) than my husband’s.

43. January is _____________________ (cold) month of the year.

44. Mrs. Pedrido speaks _______________________(fluent) than her husband, but her daughter speaks

_______________________ (fluent) of the whole family.

45. December 21 is the ________________(short) day of the year. It is ______________ (short) than any other.

46. Andrew is __________________ (fast) runner on the team.

47. This apartment is __________________(convenient) of all the apartments I have seen.

48. Annie usually gets up ________________(early) than her sister.

49. Max finished the homework _________________ (fast) than anyone else in the class.

50. A turtle moves _____________________(slow) than a rabbit.

51. Bonnie works ___________________(hard) of all the employees in the office.

52. This book is _____________________ (interesting) than the one I read last week.

53. Daniel drives ____________________________ (careful) than his father.

Choose the past simple or the present perfect:

1. Last night I __________________ (lose) my keys – I had to call my flatmate

to let me in.

2. I __________________ (lose) my keys – can you help me look for them?

3. I __________________ (visit) Paris three times.

4. Last year I __________________ (visit) Paris.

5. I __________________ (know) my great grandmother for a few years - she

died when I was eight.

6. I __________________ (know) Julie for three years – we still meet once a


7. I __________________ (play) hockey since I was a child – I’m pretty good!

8. She __________________ (play) hockey at school, but she

__________________ (not / like) it.

9. Sorry, I __________________ (miss) the bus, so I’m going to be late.

10. I __________________ (miss) the bus, and then I __________________

(miss) the aeroplane as well!

11. Last month I __________________ (go) to Scotland.

12. I’m sorry, John isn’t here now. He __________________ (go) to the shops.

13. We __________________ (finish) this room last week.

14. I __________________ (finish) my exams finally – I’m so happy!

15. Yesterday, I __________________ (see) all my friends. It was great.

16. I __________________ (see) Julie three times this week!

17. She __________________ (live) in London since 1994.

18. She __________________ (live) in London when she was a child.

19. I __________________ (drink) three cups of coffee this morning.

20. I __________________ (drink) seven cups of coffee yesterday.

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