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Итоговая контрольная работа за 1 четверть_7 кл

Контрольная работа по английскому языку в 7 классе (Модуль В, учебник Spotlight) предполагает проверку знаний по первому изученному модулю в данном курсе. Этот итоговый тест позволяет качественно проверить знания не только лексического минимума по данному модулю, но и грамматические знания, а также чтение и аудирование.


Содержимое разработки

Test 7B (Module 7)


A Choose the correct word/phrase to fill in the gaps.

1. announcements advertisements 3. gave away gave out

a). Haven’t you heard about the train strike tomorrow? a) As soon as Mrs. Tyler … our report cards, she asked

There’ve been radio… about it all morning. us if we had any questions about our marks.

b) It’s really annoying that nearly half the pages in this b) I don’t believe Tom … secret information about the

magazine are taken up by … of beauty products. company. There must be some mistake.

2. certificate degree 4. exam test

a) Pam went to university and got a … in Media Studies. a) She fainted while she was getting a blood … .

b) The students who pass the exam are given a … . b) When is your university entrance … ?

B Fill in the missing word. There are two answers you do not need to use.

Test, fixed, forecast, attention, impact, generation, review, extension, headlines, grapevine, gadgets, deal

5. The younger … are obsessed with new technology. 10. Our teacher asked us to write a(n).... of the film, as

6. Did you see the … in today’s newspaper? homework.

7. The weather … for tomorrow is predicting heavy rain. 11. Kate can’t … with the stress of moving to a new area.

Maybe we should cancel our plans for a picnic. 12. Tom had his eyes … on Nina the whole evening.

8. My brother passed his driving … yesterday. 13. Paul has lots of … but his favourite is his laptop.

9. The Internet has had a great … on learning outside 14. Teen these days use their mobiles as a(n) … of

of schools. themselves.


C Underline the correct item.

15. You don’t have to/ can’t attend university to get your diploma. There are long distance learning programmes online which can provide you with a very good education.

16. Sue can’t have/must have been at the party last night. She’s on holiday in France right now.

17. If you want to succeed in life, you should/need to work hard, and always keep to your goals.

18. Should/ May I have some information about Performing Arts universities in Britain, please?

19. If your roommates are too noisy, you ought to/need to study at the student library. It’s quiet there.

D Fill in to, for, from, about.

20. Never blame other people … your mistakes. 23. Tim’s been absent … school for the past week.

21. I met a new girl at school who comes … Italy. 24. Ann really cares … other people, she’s so kind.

22. You shouldn’t be mean … others or no one will want to be your friend.

Everyday English

E Choose the correct response.

25. What’s the best way to do better in my exams? ___ A That’s easier said than done.

26. How did you do in your maths test? ___ B You could revise more often during the year.

27. I’ll try my best to pass the history test next time. ___ C That’s the spirit.

28. Why don’t you get a full-time job and go to evening school?__ D Pretty well.

29. Tom’s decided to postpone his studies for a year. __ E How come?

F Circle the most appropriate response.

30. Could I ask you a question, please? A No, you wouldn’t. B Yes, of course.

31. Will you explain this to me? A Yes, I should. B Certainly.

32. We could go to the cinema tonight. A That’s a great idea. B No, we might not.

33. Shall I carry this bag for you? A Yes, please. B No, you won’t.

34. Can I borrow your dictionary, please? A Not at all. B Of course.


G Listen to Mrs. Jenkins talk to her class before their final exam. For questions 1-6, choose A, B, C

35. This afternoon, students are sitting a(n)

A History exam.

B French exam.

C English exam.

36. The students are told

A the exam has different types of questions.

B there are three pages of questions.

C there is one mark per question.

37. What exam rule applies?

A Students can look at the course text book.

B Students cannot leave the room.

C Students must print their name on every page.

38. What advice does Mrs. Jenkins give her students?

A They shouldn’t guess if they don’t know the answer.

B They should finish early so they have time to look back for mistakes.

C They should not forget what they’ve learnt about essay structure.

39. The students are told not to worry because

A they can retake the exam if they don’t pass.

B the exam is easy.

C they are capable of passing the exam.

40. At five minutes to two, Mrs. Jenkins says that the students can

A start writing.

B put their name on the exam.

C look at the questions.


H Read the text and match the phrases ( A-F) to the gaps ( 41-45). There is one extra phrase.

A but we weren’t very keen on the idea at first

B and build fires just by rubbing two sticks together

С and that everyone could learn at their own pace

D so we set off the following week for our exciting adventure

E went on to learn how to identify different species of animals

F and do something different for a change



A 1 a) announcements 3 a) gave out

b) advertisements b) gave away

2 a) degree 4 a) test

b) certificate b) exam

B 5 generation 10 review

6 headline 11 deal

7 forecast 12 fixed

8 test 13 gadgets

9 impact 14 deal extension

C 15 don’t have to D 20 for

16 can’t have 21 from

17 need 22 to

18 May 23 from

19 ought to 24 about

E 25 B F 30 B

26 D 31 B

27 C 32 A

28 A 33 A

29 E 34 B

G 35 C H 41 F

36 A 42 D

37 A 43 C

38 C 44 E

39 C 45 B

40 C


Workbook ex.3 ( p.65)

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